Dual Sensor Infrared Body Temperature Thermal Screening Camera

Body Temperature Thermal Camera



u  Security: Infrared non-contact temperature measurement, reduce the risk of cross infection

u  Efficient: It is can detect multiple people at the same time, the detection time is less than 1 second

u  Accuracy: High-precision non-contact temperature measurement, error less than ± 0.3 ℃

u  Intuitive: high-resolution infrared imaging with large scenes, it is can accurately locks people who with abnormal body temperature

u  Intelligent dual sensor: Intelligent algorithm for visible camera system and thermal imaging camera system, face detection, accurate temperature measurement, low false alarm

u  Intelligent Alarm: Support temperature threshold setting and automatic screening warning mechanism, real-time alarm for abnormal body temperature.

u  Full-time work: 7 × 24 real-time rapid body temperature screening, Early warning intervention

u  Traceability: Combined with the software, it can trace back, analyze, and mine historical data

u  Scalable: Can be linked with the emergency command system to achieve rapid response and real-time processing

u  Easy deployment: One set thermal camera and one ordinary PC can constitutes a small temperature measurement station, supporting offline and online deployment

u  Environmental adaptability: It can be applied to small scenes such as entrances, stores, etc.


Dual Sensor Infrared Body Temperature Screening Thermal Camera



AGT-CDN0014-3002 infrared body temperature screening thermal camera is a non-contact efficient temperature measurement system and screening device which specially designed for dense crowds in public places. Based on the accurate temperature measurement technology of the thermal imaging camera,  it is can timely detect the people who with abnormal body temperature and then output alarm signal, so that can assist the supervisory authorities to implement the interventions and emergency measures, to prevent the spread of the virus in public areas. The camera can be widely used in airports, railway stations, subway stations, as well as other crowded areas such as schools and comprehensive parks, and so on. The whole system is include the infrared body temperature screening thermal camera, computer, the temperature measurement software, and so on