Anti-UAV Automatic Defense Surveillance System


As the "black flying" incident has caused a greater security threat, the safety issues of drones have been gradually awakened globally. On the basis of a self-developed precision photoelectric system, Hope-Wish has deeply integrated radar, RF scanner, radio interference, navigation deception, pilot positioning, and other equipment together. Through the development of an integrated comprehensive management and control platform, an advanced anti-UAV automatic defense system integrating detection, reconnaissance, control, interference, and capture has been constructed, which can effectively guarantee the low altitude in key areas throughout all day, all time, and all dimensions.


Hope-Wish anti-UAV automatic defense system integrates HD visible light, near-infrared laser, medium-wave/long-wave thermal imaging, and other detection equipment, cooperating with multi-band jammers for interception and countermeasures. The system has the ability to secure key areas throughout the day, time, and dimension. At the same time, the intelligent control, intelligent management, and AI analysis modules were developed based on deep learning algorithms, enabling the system to have functions such as automatic capture, stable tracking, and target recognition. The equipment can work independently or linked with the radar, and realize the rapid acquisition, tracking, and identification of the target according to the guidance information sent by the radar.


Application Effect: