Tri-spectrum Intelligent Camera


Key Benefits:

  • Unique AS + DOE advanced optical continuous zoom design and 3CAM high precision optical machine design, stable and smooth zooming, which to conduct to large-scale searching and long-range recognition

  • Excellent non-uniform image correction technology with good image uniformity and dynamic range

  • SDE image detail enhancement technology, image smooth and noiseless, a variety of pseudo-color and hot black hot white polarity image mode switching, adaptability, easy to find low-contrast hidden targets.



  • Integrates with infrared thermal image, HD visible imaging, laser illuminator , video coding, pan/tilt cover and control electronic system

  • Visible imaging adopts with full HD color black and white mode low illumination CMOS sensor and 30 times compact continuous zoom lens

  • The latest generation of VOx detectors based on MEMS technology, detection sensitivity (NETD) up to 50mk, higher sensitivity than conventional products, to obtain more delicate picture quality, less affected by fog, rain and snow switching of laser switch and camera into day-night mode



  • Seaport and airport monitoring;

  • Water system monitoring;

  • Storage monitoring;

  • Military base security monitoring;

  • Oilfield & oil depot security;

  • Fire source prevention & monitoring;

  • Ecological and environmental monitoring;

  • Border and coastal defense;

  • Urban security and anti-UAV applications;

  • Highways and railways monitoring.