PTZ Infrared Laser Camera


Key Benefits:

l   DSS digital stepper illumination angle control, unique laser zooming and distance matching technology, min 0.1° follow-up zooming. 

l   GHT-II super homogenizing and power consumption control of NIR laser ensure a better effect

l   Convenient for installation and application independent photosensitive control circuit, precise synchronous switching of laser switch and camera into day-night mode.

l   Precise double optical alignment, 0.01° SLM optical self-locking alignment.

l   Heavy duty PT, 360° continuously rotation observation, no dead angle, smooth and less image dithering.

l   One integral aluminum alloy housing, IP66 ingress protection, waterproof, dust-proof, adapt to all kinds of harsh environment.



l   Consists of HD Visible Camera + NIR Laser Illuminator which suitable for 24hours monitoring.

l   The maximum detection distance for human/car/object is 4km during day time and 2 km in the night.

l   With built-in technical grade embedded control electronic system, the camera operates stable and accurate when zooming, focusing, video switch, and during rotation.



l   Seaport and airport monitoring;

l   Water system monitoring;

l   Storage monitoring;

l   Military base security monitoring;

l   Oilfield & oil depot security;

l   Fire source prevention & monitoring;

l   Ecological and environmental monitoring;

l   Border and coastal defense;

l   Urban security and anti-UAV applications;

l   Highways and railways monitoring.