Vehicle Mounted Thermal Camera


Key Benefits:

  • The whole machine is made of super-strong aluminium alloy shell, IP66 protection, rain and dust proof, and adapted to various harsh environments.

  • Extensible laser ranging, Beidou/GPS, electronic compass and other sensors to constitute a multi-functional situational awareness long-range monitoring equipment;

  • Adopted with light-loaded CNC Pan-Tilt, 360o continuous rotating observation, no dead angle, smooth operation and small image jitter



  • It integrates infrared thermal imaging camera, high-definition visible camera, video coding, cloud cover and control electronic system into one equipment. Its’ integrated design, highly centralized and easy to install and use;

  • The thermal designed based on MEMS technology with the latest generation of VOx detectors, has a detection sensitivity of up to 50 mk, higher sensitivity than other conventional products, more delicate picture quality and less affected by fog, rain and snow weather;

  • Full reinforcement structure design, super-strength stainless steel central bearing, multi-point and omni-directional reinforcement design, to meet the environmental requirements of vibration and impact for military vehicle;  


  • Seaport and airport monitoring;

  • Water system monitoring;

  • Storage monitoring;

  • Military base security monitoring;

  • Oilfield & oil depot security;

  • Fire source prevention & monitoring;

  • Ecological and environmental monitoring;

  • Border and coastal defense;

  • Urban security and anti-UAV applications;

  • Highways and railways monitoring.