about us

Argus Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading company and manufacturer in photoelectronic devices in Northern Region of China. Argustech maintains its position at the forefront of security industry with constant innovation, focusing on customer’s requirements, providing professional services and high-tech cameras to protect national security and social stability.


Argustech invests multi-million dollar in Research & Development each year, mainly to improve and enrich the company’s products range. With more than 45% of the company’s employees engage in R&D, which composed of PhD graduates, professors and senior engineers, We have obtained remarkable achievement with more than 200 national patent protection awards in thermal imaging and NIR laser illumination technology.


Cameras manufactured by Argustech are consisted of:

1. Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera

2. Long Range NIR Laser Camera

3 .Long Range Multi-Sensor Optical Camera

4 .Handheld & Portable Imaging Camera

5. Heavy-Duty Multi-Spectrum Optical Platform

6. Other related products


Cameras manufactured by Argustech are widely applied in:

1. City Safety Monitoring and Surveillance 

2. Forest Fire Protection

3. Border Defense

4. Railway and Expressway Monitoring

5. Seaport and Airport Security and Safety Monitoring

6. Chemical Plant and Oilfield Monitoring

7. Criminal Defense

8. National Security Defense

9. Other Fields


If you’re looking for a security system specifically designed, then Argustech is there to help. Customization has always been one of our edges. Argustech has earned a good reputation by manufacturing high-quality cameras, and providing excellent service.