Argustec was been invited for a military project in Thailand on March, 2021.

Date:2021-11-18 11:24:54

Argustec was been invited by China Electronics Technology Group Cooperation as a supplier for a military project in Thailand on March, 2021. Other supplier partner in this business trip including Mr. Chen (The Engineer of Beidou system) from Shanghai Satellite Research Institute, senior colonel Lee from Hope investment Co.,LTD, Director He of China Electronics Technology Group.


The presentation from Argustec has left deep impression on the air force of Thailand army. Anti-drone Intelligent Auto Defense system in the presentation integrates radar, scanner, optical system and defeat devices in depth. The system can realize early detection, stable tracking, accurate identification and effective countermeasure of small UAV; The optical system combined high definition CCTV cameras, cooled/uncooled infrared thermal imaging camera, and precision servo platform. 


Argustec also been invited to introduce the new optical technology and solutions for Thailand defense department and navy basement. The PTZ long range thermal camera product series are most popular for It’s new AI functions such as auto/manual, target identification (human, vehicle, drone, etc), and other intelligent functions for area projection.

The Thailand trip make a direct channel for our sales people to hear the needs from the product end user- army and their soldiers. Argustec is always on the way to provide affordable, stable, security, easy-operate, high quality products for global customers. It’s a great honor to help our Thailand friends to protect their homeland.