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Marine/Vehicle Mounted PTZ System

Gyro Stabilized Marine PTZ System:
The gyro-stabilized marine PTZ system integrates HD visible light camera, cooled/uncooled thermal imaging, laser ranging/illumination, high-precision gyro image stabilization, automatic tracking module, and precision electronic control system. It can be installed on large ships, unmanned boats, law enforcement ships, marine mobile carriers such as fishery administration ships, and maritime surveillance ships. The system can be used to achieve stable acquisition of long-distance sea and aerial target images under complex sea conditions, and to realize functions such as surveillance, obstacle avoidance, search, alert, follow-up, and evidence collection.
Rugged Mobile Night Vision System:
The rugged mobile night vision system has advantages of strong maneuverability, rapid response, and high work efficiency, which facilitates the realization of mobile reconnaissance. The vehicle-mounted wireless video monitoring system can be installed on special vehicles such as off-road vehicles, transport vehicles, official vehicles, wheeled armored vehicles, etc. It integrates video capture, LRF, directional positioning, gyro image stabilization, video storage, wireless transmission, and other functions. It can record and transmit videos while the vehicle is driving.
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