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  • Night Vision Cameras Make the Night Clear

    Night Vision Cameras Make the Night Clear AGT-NB2021 is a multi-functional night vision product with high sales and very popular universities in our company. It can be worn on the head or helmet, it can be installed on the weapon for hunting.

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Industry Research

    Infrared Thermal Imaging Industry ResearchAt the end of 2022, reviewing the three years from early 2020 to the present, the epidemic has a huge impact on individuals, enterprises, industries, and even the country. Even the concept of consumption has changed a certain degree.

  • After the epidemic, the development of infrared thermal imaging

    Infrared thermal imaging has played a significant role in the three -year epidemic situation. In the future, infrared thermal imaging can still be brightened in other fields.

  • The Working Principle of Argustec Thermal Imaging Camera

    The Working Principle of Argustec Thermal Imaging Camera Thermal imaging camera is displayed by infrared rays emitted by an object. Any object with a temperature will emit infrared rays. The thermal image is to receive the infrared rays sent by the object. The color of the surface of the measurement.

  • The Application Environment of Thermal Imaging Camera

    The Application Environment of Thermal Imaging Camera 1. Coal mine fire preventionThe failure of electromechanical equipment such as motors and cables in the mine is the main cause of coal mine accidents. The temperature rise caused by equipment short circuit, sparks.

  • Forest Fire Monitoring and Early Warning

    Forest Fire Monitoring and Early WarningFront-end collection:Generally set on the commanding heights of fire watch towers in forest areas. Including visible light HD fog-penetrating camera, long focal length variable magnification fog-penetrating lens, positioning pan/tilt, outdoor shield.

  • The world's first desert railway loop - The Xinjiang Heruo Railway was opened, and Argustec Laser Night Vision Camera made a wonderful appearance

    On the morning of June 16, 2022, the first train departed from Xinjiang Hotan Station,The Xinjiang Hotan-Ruoqiang Railway was officially put into operation, and the formation of the Taklimakan Desert Railway Line also marked the official completion of the world's first desert railway loop line.At th

  • Prevention and Patrolling of Key Areas

    In view of the shortcomings of traditional perimeter prevention technologies such as infrared/microwave cross-radiation, electronic fences, vibrating optical fibers, and leaking cables, such as single means

  • Three advantages of long range thermal camera

    Because thermal imaging is a passive, non-contact detection and identification of targets, it is concealed and undetectable, thus making long range thermal camera safer and more effective for operators. Apart from that, do you know what other advantages thermal scope has to offer? Let's take a look at them in detail. Here are some answers.

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