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  • Border Security Defense Solutions
    In recent years, the multi sensor ptz thermal camera has been paying more and more attention and welcoming in border security defense. This PTZ thermal camera can not only effectively apply in border area, but also ensure the safety of the coast defense. 01. Why choose multi sensor PTZ themal camera
  • Let's meet at DSA & NATSEC 2024
    On May 6 – 9th 2024, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, host DSA & NATSEC 2024 , one of the world's largest defence technology exhibitions.We warmly invite you to meet our team and look forward to seeing you at Booth No. 10311 in Hall 10. Argus Information Technology Co., Ltd. shows the long -distance PTZ infr
  • Counter Drones Systems
    Drones have been widely used in civilian fields since their birth, but also can be used for harm. To combat the threats posed by drone swarms, we must first be able to detect drones swarms. Due to the small size, low flying height and slow flying speed of a single drone in the swarm, it is easy to
  • Thermal Camera for Aquaculture Applications
    Anti -theft management is one of the important tasks of marine fishery breeding. Some seafood breeding cycles, high costs, expensive prices, and difficulty in breeding.Strengthening the protection of anti -theft and personnel of maritime farms is an important measure for the development of modern ma
  • 2024 Intersec Dubai Security Exhibition ended perfectly!
    From January 16 to January 18, 2024, the 25th Intersec came to a perfect conclusion. More than 1,000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions showed their latest products and technological achievements in the security field.
  • Invitation of The Exhibition | Shandong Argustec Will Appear at The 2024 Dubai Prevention Exhibition (INTERSEC)
    Exhibition introduction:The UAE Dubai Security Defense and Fire Exhibition Intersec referred to as Dubai'an Defense Exhibition. It is held once a year. It is a world leading defense, safety and protective exhibition. The exhibition area is expected to be 47,000 square meters, with 1,000 exhibitors a
  • Night Vision Camera: Portraitist in The Night
    Traditional low-light night vision technology refers to the use of natural night skylight such as weak moonlight, starlight, atmospheric glow, and galaxy light as illumination light at night, and uses an image intensifier to amplify and convert the weak photons reflected back from ground objects int
  • Night Vision Makes Night Action More Convenient
    Low-light night vision technology can achieve the night vision effect only with natural light, which can adapt to different environments and have higher adaptability. At the same time, compared with infrared night imaging technology, the image of low-light night vision device is easier to recognize.
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