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Argustec night vision scope/googles use of different lens and sensor operating modes guarantees the best results at any time of day. In the morning and at twilight, during the day and after midnight, the image is clear and detailed. In deep twilight, when the human eye is already unable to discern details of observed objects, thermal and night vision goggles displays a bright image with correct colour rendering, prolonging hunting time into the night.

Binocular night vision scope combines the full-colour imaging of classic daytime optics with ultimate digital functionality. Night vision googles/scope has the best sensitivity in its class for infrared spectrum (night sensitivity), including a wavelength range of 900–950 nm. The device is highly effective when paired with invisible IR illuminators. This makes the night vision goggles with thermal a perfect tool for detecting targets such as wild boar, deer and elk at distances ranging.

Argus able to provide all professional solutions and services for surveillance projects to all worldwide clients.
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