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Long Range Thermal Security Camera With Motion Detection


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  • AGT-HTVC6511-2132

Key Benefits:

  • Long range 24-hours monitoring.

  • Delicate and smooth images.

  • Convenient for installation and application.

  • 360 degree of Omni-directional Pan-Tilt

  • Super-strong aluminum alloy with IP66

  • Higher sensitivity

  • Effective in all environments

  • Small size and low weight

thermal camera distance


  • VOx uncooled detector 640*512;

  • NETD is less than 50mk (@25℃F1.0);

  • SDE digital image processing, AGC, 2X digital amplification;

  • 10 pseudo color and B/W, B/W inverse;

  • Intelligent functions: cross-border/ intrusion detection and target tracking;

  • 255 level alarm threshold can be setup

  • Advanced algorithm support shot-point/ fire detection and alert;

  • One integral aluminum alloy housing, water proof, IP66 weather proof, anti-dust.  


  • Seaport and airport monitoring;

  • Water system monitoring;

  • Storage monitoring;

  • Oilfield & oil depot security;

  • Ecological and environmental monitoring;

  • Border and coastal defense;

  • Highways and railways monitoring.

Technical Specification:




Vehicle: 8.6km,Human:3.4km


Vehicle:2.4km, Human: 900m


5th generation UFPA VOx sensor


640*512(optional 384*288)

Spectral response



50mK(@25℃ F1.0)

Focal length

25mm~105mm, 5X continuous zoom, auto focus


30°* 23°~6.2°*4.6°

Lens control

1. Zoom: Electric zoom

2. Focus: manual / auto focus, 3A adaptive active focus algorithm, support multiple trigger modes, precise high speed

3. Optical machine: 3CAM mode and AS+DOE optical machine structure, high infrared transmittance, no virtual focus and small axis in the zoom process

Image Processing

1. Image enhancement: SDE digital image enhancement technology to enhance image details

2. Pseudo-color polarity: 16 kinds of pseudo-color images, hot black / hot white two polarities

3. Image parameters: AGC automatic gain control, brightness, contrast

4. Electronic zoom: 2×, 4×, support global synchronous display

5. NUC correction: automatic / manual correction, background correction

Visible Camera

1. 1/2.8'' target surface star-level CMOS, integrated ICR dual filter day and night switching

2. Resolution: 2 Mega pixels, 1920×1080

3. Illumination: color: 0.05 Lux; black and white: 0.01Lux

4. Encoding: H.265/H.264 video format, support multi-stream

5. Video bit rate: 32Kbps ~ 16Mbps, 60Hz 30 frames / sec

6. Support SD card local storage, support motion detection, occlusion alarm, cross-border detection, regional intrusion detection

Support white balance, electronic shutter, strong light suppression, 3D digital noise reduction, wide dynamic, anti-infrared over exposure

Visible Lens

1. Focal length: 8 ~ 320mm, 2 Maga pixel high-definition power zoom

2. Focus: manual / auto focus, 3A adaptive active focus algorithm, support multiple trigger modes, precise high speed

3. Aperture: Automatic

4. Day and night type light: 0.4-0.75um visible light wide spectral window and 0.8-0.95um near infrared laser narrow spectrum window day and night independent double pass light window to improve imaging light and stray light signal to noise ratio

5. Preset position: precision potentiometer, zoom focus feedback

Laser Source


1. Power: 8W

2. Wavelength: 810nm military grade infrared laser

3. Illumination angle: 1 ° ~ 20 °, DSS digital step lighting angle control technology

4. Homogenization: GHT-II high-definition lens group ultra-homogenization patented technology, brightness balance of all focal lengths is >92%

5. Laser safety: ZQB safety laser beam processing patent technology, in line with international IEC60825 safety standards


1.Material: integral aluminum alloy housing, stainless steel, anti strong wind ;

2.Structure: Integral double window

3.Window glass: 4mm optical glass ,transmission>98% ;

4.Surface coating: PTA three-proofing coatings ,

5.Protection:IP66(IP67 optional )

6.Applied thermal balance design and wide temperature electronics ,which could operate under high / low temperature ;

7.Interface : waterproof aviation connector ;


1. Load: 50kg PTZ

2. Range: Pan 0 ~ 360 °, Tilt -45 ° ~ +45 °

3. Speed: horizontal 0.01 °/ S ~ 30 °/ S, pitch 0.01 °/ S ~ 15 °/ S,

support lens focal length speed adaptive function

4. Preset position: 255, support lens zoom, focus preset

5. Accuracy: ±0.1°

6. Patrol sweep: support 6 cruises, 1 apple peel, 1 line sweep

7. Watch: Preset / Auto Cruise Route / Auto Scan Route

8. Power-off memory: support (recoverable position before power-off, preset position status, cruise status, line sweep status)

9. Bearing information: support angle query return, positioning

10. Zero point correction: support north direction zero point remote correction function

11. Power consumption: about 100W

12. Weight: 15kg


1. Network interface: 1 way RJ45, 10/100 Base-T adaptive (integrated video output and RS422/485 control communication)

2. Network protocol: support TCP/IP, UDP, IPv4/v6; support HTTP, RTP, RTSP, NFS, DHCP, NTP, SMTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, UPNP, PPPoE, DNS, FTP; support PSIA, ONVIF2. 0, GB28181 and other network protocols

3. Power supply: AC/DC24V, anti-reverse protection

4. Physical interface: alloy waterproof aviation plug

Enhanced Function

1. Glare protection: support, anti-sun burn function

2. Temperature correction: no thermal image design, imaging resolution is not affected by temperature

3. Scene mode: support multiple configuration scenarios, adapt to no environment application

4. Auto focus tuning: support remote auto focus precision parameter adjustment, adapt to different scenes

5. Day and night cruise: day and night group cruise different preset groups, day cruise 1-40 preset position, night cruise 41-80 preset position, automatically switch day and night according to the photosensitive state, adapt to different time and space scenes

6. Lens servo: support lens preset position, focal length return, focus positioning function

7. Parameter setting: OSD menu remote call operation

8. Remote maintenance: support embedded program remote upgrade for easy after-sales maintenance

Optional Function

1. Wiper: (optional built-in wiper)

2. Window cleaning: (optional external small spray device, self-storing water, no damage to ice, no impact on host function)

3. Expansion module: (optional Beidou / GPS, laser ranging and other extended functions)

4. Optical network: (optional built-in fiber module, single-mode fiber output, improve anti-interference)

Intelligence Function

1. Support regional intrusion detection

2. Support cross-border intrusion detection

3. Support multi-scene group cruise detection

4. Support 3D frame selection zoom / positioning

5. Support automatic tracking

6. Support panoramic stitching

7. Support radar linkage

(Note: The above functions need to be coordinated with the key area prevention software)

Power & Weight

1. Total power consumption: 150W

2. Total weight: 35kg (including Pan/Tilt)

Environment indicator

1. Working temperature: -25 ℃~ +60℃ (optional -40 ℃)

2. Storage temperature: -45℃ ~ + 70 ℃

3. Humidity: <90%

4. Earthquake resistance: 0.2g (according to the 5.4 severity level 2 of GB/T15211-2013)

5. Impact resistance: 15g (according to the 5.3 severe level 3 of GB/T15211-2013)

6. Lightning protection: built-in surge protection of interface circuit, power supply 4000V, signal 2000V

7. Anti-salt fog: at pH 6.5 ~ 7.2, continuous spraying for 96 hours, no change in surface

Protection level: IP66


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