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Prevention and Patrolling of Key Areas

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In view of the shortcomings of traditional perimeter prevention technologies such as infrared/microwave cross-radiation, electronic fences, vibrating optical fibers, and leaking cables, such as single means, high false alarm rate, high price, inability to accurately locate, and inability to work around the clock, Argustec has developed Long Range Thermal Camera (unattended Electronic sentinel system), which replaces the human eye with Thermal Imaging Camera and Laser Night Vision Camera, and replaces the human brain with intelligent algorithms and deep learning. It can be widely used in the security protection of key areas such as financial centers, prisons, oil fields, nuclear, biological and chemical bases, factory parks and other key areas.

The system deeply integrates composite detection modules such as Thermal Imaging Camera and Laser Night Vision Camera, making full use of the advantages of thermal imaging in large-scale search, multi-target monitoring, and all-weather work, as well as the features of laser imaging that are clear and intuitive, accurate tracking, and accurate identification. Multi-source information fusion, artificial intelligence algorithms, GIS situation display and control and other means have built a new intelligent perimeter defense system for key places and key areas. The working distance of a single set of equipment can reach 2000m, and the cascade cooperation of multiple sets of equipment can realize the prevention and control of the perimeter of a large area.

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