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Forest Fire Alarm System

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The AGT-TVC series dual-sensor intelligent surveillance PTZ camera is designed for forest fire alrm by Argustec after years of technical accumulation and a large number of investigations and experiments in the field of night vision surveillance. It fully meets the requirements of 24-hour all-weather surveillance. visible light camera

The visible light camera outputs full-color images during the day, and the thermal imaging camera can perform image processing and temperature measurement operations 24 hours a day, achieving all-weather day and night surveillance of 3km-10km or more, and realizing dual-identification (visible light + thermal imaging) early warning in forest areas.

IP67 protection grade, solid structure and fully sealed, and the surface is anti-oxidation and anti-salt spray sprayed.Hurricane-resistant, can work normally in wind speeds of 150 kilometers per hour. It has remote defrosting and anti-fogging functions, good waterproof and high and low temperature resistance, and can work around the clock in all kinds of harsh environments.

The vigorous promotion and application of dual-sensor thermal imaging cameras in the field of forest fire prevention and surveillance will effectively solve the hidden dangers of human-animal conflicts and inadequate fire source supervision, further enhance the comprehensive guarantee capabilities of local forestry departments in forest fire prevention and control early warning surveillance, fire disposal, emergency rescue, etc., promote the high-quality development of the application level of forest fire prevention and control technology, and safeguard the ecological security of key state-owned forest areas.

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