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Night Vision Cameras Make the Night Clear

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AGT-NB2021 is a multi-functional night vision product with high sales and very popular  universities in our company. It can be worn on the head or helmet, it can be installed on the weapon for hunting, and it can also be used with a camera or camera to use it for night views.

★ Waterproof and dustproof can reach IP68 level

★ The direction sensor automatic switch: When the device is not needed for the time being, you can press a button on the helmet to lift the device up until the top position and then let go. At this time, the device is automatically closed. When you need to continue using it, press the same button to put down the device to the observation location. At this time, the device will automatically restore the working status.

★ Replacement mirror can change the magnification rate, which can be selected 3 times, 5 times or 6 times the lens has been read

★ Optional separate infrared enhancer

★ Standby consumption: When it is not used for a long time, the battery will not have power loss in the battery cylinder

★ Battery cover spring embedded: It can better contact the battery and the spring is not easy to damage, and it is easier to twist the battery cover.

★ The helmet can be adjusted freely: The helmet device can be freely adjusted according to the size of different users.

★ Multi -layer coating standards: Ultra -broadband multi -layer enhancement membrane can inhibit the glass surface broadband reflection of the lens, reduce light losses, and make more light through the lens to obtain a good observation effect through the lens to obtain a good observation effect

★ Automatic brightness adjustment: When the brightness of the surrounding environment changes, the image brightness we see from the night vision is unchanged, which can ensure a stable observation effect and protect vision.

★ Low -electricity indicator: When the electricity volume is low, the green indicator light at the edge of the green fluorescent screen can be observed through the eyepiece.

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