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Advantages And Purchase Of Night Vision Camera

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Although night vision camera is a new product that has appeared in recent years, its application range is very wide, and to a large extent fills the gap of long-distance night vision monitoring. So, how to define a night vision camera? Simply put, a night vision camera is a camera that integrates laser infrared illuminators, infrared-sensing bolts, and lenses. It sounds simple, but its appearance has brought changes to long-distance night vision monitoring, making many impossible possible, especially in the field of preventing geological disasters. So what are the advantages and purchases of night vision cameras? Let's take a look at it next.

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Advantages of night vision camera

Purchase Notes

Advantages of night vision camera

The first is that the sharpness of the monitoring image is greatly improved. Although ordinary infrared cameras can also see images at night, they are often unable to see faces, and the monitoring distance of ordinary infrared cameras is very limited, which cannot achieve ideal results in some monitoring places with strict monitoring requirements. In contrast, the night vision camera is not affected by the intensity of ambient light. Even in a completely dark environment, it can be illuminated by a laser illuminator to achieve high-definition night vision monitoring and obtain clear monitoring images.

Second, the service life is long. Ordinary infrared cameras rely on infrared lamp illumination to achieve a night vision effect, and infrared lamps generate a lot of heat and have a short service life. In contrast, night vision cameras have high laser brightness and relatively little heat, which also reduces the impact on the camera. Influence on the life of electronic components. These features night vision camera is more advantageous in a 24-hour surveillance environment.

The third is to automatically adjust the focal length of the lens. At present, some night vision cameras already have certain intelligent functions, which can automatically adjust the focal length of the lens according to the distance and moving speed of the target, thereby providing clear monitoring images.

Fourth, the monitoring distance is long. Cameras can be divided into three categories according to the monitoring distance, namely, short-distance night vision camera (effective night vision monitoring distance is 50-500 meters) and medium-distance night vision camera (effective night vision monitoring distance is 500-1000 meters) and the effective night vision monitoring distance of long-distance night vision camera is 1000-3000 meters). In contrast, the monitoring distance of ordinary infrared cameras is generally not more than 100 meters.

Purchase Notes

Users should pay attention to choosing products that suit their needs when purchasing night vision cameras. First of all, you should pay attention to whether the night vision distance of the night vision camera matches the range of the area you want to monitor. This can generally be reflected in the laser power of the camera; secondly, you should consider the characteristics of the monitoring environment, and choose the anti-salt spray, anti- night vision camera with advanced functions such as corrosion, fog penetration, strong light suppression, etc., allows the device to work normally in any environment as much as possible.

The above is about the advantages and purchase of night vision camera. If you are interested in a night vision camera, you can contact us. Our website is http://www.argustecn.com/.

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