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Application of thermal camera in Civil Field

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The so-called civil field refers to several fields such as electric power, construction, medicine, and petrochemical. Internationally, thermal cameras are widely used in these fields. However, the application of infrared thermal cameras in these civil fields in my country is still in its infancy, and the entire development space is still relatively large. Next, let us understand the application of thermal cameras in the civilian field. Here are some answers.

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Here is the content list:

  • Applications in the power industry.

  • Applications in the construction industry.

  • Applications in the medical industry.

  • Applications in the petrochemical industry.

Applications in the power industry.

Although the power industry is currently the industry with the most civil infrared thermal cameras in my country, as the most mature and effective means of online power detection, thermal cameras can greatly improve the operational reliability of power supply equipment. Therefore, with the continuous development of my country's economy, the power industry in other provinces will also use thermal cameras more.

Applications in the construction industry.

According to the investigation of the application of thermal cameras in the construction industry by relevant departments, although there are many construction enterprises in my country, they have not yet reached the level of having a thermal camera in everyone. If every construction enterprise is equipped with a thermal camera, it will not only promote the market demand for thermal cameras but also greatly improve the work efficiency of construction enterprises and reduce costs.

Applications in the medical industry.

The human body is a natural source of infrared radiation. When the human body develops a disease, the heat balance of the human body will be destroyed, so the measurement of the temperature change of the human body is an important indicator for the diagnosis of diseases in clinical medicine. The thermal camera can accurately display and record the temperature distribution of the human body for further pathological analysis. Today, medical thermal cameras have become an effective tool for diagnosing superficial tumors, vascular diseases, and skin conditions. In medical research, the application of thermal cameras in medicine has become a special research topic.

Applications in the petrochemical industry.

We know that much important equipment in petrochemical production works under high temperature and high-pressure conditions, and certain dangers are lurking, so online monitoring of the production process is very important. The use of thermal cameras can detect information related to product conveying and piping, refractory and thermal insulation materials, ruptures, thinnings, blockages, and leaks in various reactors. In this way, the two-dimensional temperature distribution on the surface of equipment and materials can be obtained quickly and accurately, thereby ensuring the safety of use.

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