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Infrared Thermal Imaging Industry Research

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At the end of 2022, reviewing the three years from early 2020 to the present, the epidemic has a huge impact on individuals, enterprises, industries, and even the country. Even the concept of consumption has changed a certain degree.A more intelligent lifestyle production method is one of the changes. As far as the industry is concerned, the infrared thermal imaging market is one of the best footsteps for this transformation.

Thermal Imaging

In the development of the epidemic in recent years, Argustec, as one of the Chinese infrared thermal imaging detectors manufacturers, increased investment in supply chain, production, research and development and other links to rapidly improve delivery capabilities. Stations, schools and other densely flowing public places. The functions of non -contact temperature measurement and large -scale people in the real -time body temperature measurement have been realized, and they have been widely recognized.

At present, thermal imaging is not only used in the field of epidemic prevention and temperature measurement, but also in the fields of infrastructure construction, security monitoring, industrial production, transportation control, resource exploration, inspection and quarantine, and fire rescue. The market demand is broad. Due to extensive applications and can provide great convenience for production and life, the market demand for infrared imaging will continue to grow in the future. In addition to the traditional application industry, more emerging market demand will become new growth points in the infrared imaging market, such as smart driving and smart homes.

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