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Argus Attend 2021 CPSE

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Argus Attend 2021 CPSE Expo

From December 26 to December 29, 2021, the 18th China International Public Security Expo  is held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). After 32 years of development, CPSE Security Expo has become a vane for the development of the global security market.

(Argus Booth)


At this security event, Argus brought a brand-new security monitoring industry solution, involving smart water conservancy, forest and grass fire prevention, anti-UAV and other fields, and demonstrated smart perimeter intrusion and industrial online temperature measurement. Demonstration and application of image stabilization technology. The crowds in front of the booth attracted many audiences to stop and watch.

(Argus DMS intelligent multi-optical system)


(Argus KMS intelligent temperature measurement camera)


Argus staff communicated with customers on-site to recommend the most suitable products and optimal solutions for customers, which was well received by everyone.

(The staff explain to the consultants)


Argus will increase investment in research and development, improve the integration of AI intelligence and multi-band cameras, and continue to launch new products to meet the needs of different scenarios, different distances, and different customers.

Argus able to provide all professional solutions and services for surveillance projects to all worldwide clients.
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