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Argus Thermal Imaging Cameras Are Widely Used In Aquaculture Anti-theft

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Marine aquaculture has a wide distribution area, with monitoring distances ranging from hundreds to thousands of meters to several kilometers or even more than ten kilometers. "Anti-theft" is the key difficulty: for such a large area, installing a suitable marine aquaculture anti-theft monitoring system. For aquaculture farmers, not only can the loss of being stolen be avoided, but also the inspection staff on duty can be saved. Therefore, it is an urgent need for a remote monitoring and anti-theft system that can clearly see the entire aquaculture water area during the day and night.


Argus infrared thermal imaging is used to prevent theft of sea cucumber farming on Ecuador. It is suitable for long-distance observation under various weather conditions in all black, fog, and rain. It can be used for detailed observation of targets discovered by thermal imaging at night to form infrared thermal imaging detection. Mutil-sensor camera combine Visible light and near-infrared laser realize day and night recognition , suitable for monitoring of long-distance targets under all-weather conditions, can timely and effectively monitor and prevent various thefts.


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