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Components And Specifications of Monocular Thermal Camera

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We know that a monocular thermal camera may just be a tool for testing scanning, and we don't seem to understand the question as to why a monocular camera can present such clear image quality. So we should get to know the components and specifications of the monocular thermal camera. So let's take a look next.

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How is a monocular thermal camera composed?

Technical specifications of the monocular thermal camera.

How is a monocular thermal camera composed?

A monocular thermal camera is usually composed of an optical camera assembly, a focusing zoom assembly, an internal non-uniformity correction assembly, an imaging circuit assembly, and an infrared detector cooler assembly. The optical unit is mainly composed of the infrared objective lens and structural components, the infrared objective lens is mainly to achieve the convergence of the thermal radiation of the scene imaging, structural components are mainly used to support and protect the relevant group of components; focus zoom component is mainly composed of servo mechanism and servo control circuit, to achieve the focus of the infrared objective lens, field of view switching and other functions; internal correction component is composed of internal correction mechanism and internal correction control circuit, used to achieve the internal nature of the thermal imaging camera. The imaging circuit assembly is usually composed of a detector interface board, main processing board, chiller driver board, power supply board, etc., which cooperate to realize the functions of power-on control, signal acquisition, signal transmission, signal conversion, and interface communication.

Technical specifications of monocular thermal cameras

The monocular thermal camera can distinguish the ability of small temperature differences, which to a certain extent affect the fine degree of imaging. The higher the sensitivity, the better the imaging effect, the more you can distinguish the specific location of the fault point. Monocular thermal camera infrared resolution refers to the detector pixels of the thermal imaging camera, similar to visible light, the higher the pixels the clearer and more detailed the picture, the higher the pixels while obtaining more temperature data. The horizontal angle and vertical angle of the image on the detector. The larger the angle, the wider the view, such as a wide-angle lens. The smaller the angle, the smaller the view, such as telephoto mirrors. So according to the different occasions choosing the right lens is also quite important. Monocular camera's full radiation thermal video stream, save each frame of each pixel point temperature data video stream, full radiation video can be later temperature change analysis, but also for each frame of the picture can be any temperature analysis. The spatial resolution of a monocular thermal camera is the angle that can be imaged on a single-pixel because the angle is so small so expressed in milliradians. Spatial resolution is affected by the detector and the lens can be found that the lens is constant, the higher the pixels, the smaller the spatial resolution. Conversely, the smaller the field-of-view angle, the smaller the spatial resolution. At the same time, the smaller the spatial resolution, the clearer the imaging effect.

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