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Five key points for correct use of infrared thermal imaging cameras

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Infrared thermal imaging cameras are widely used in electric power, petrochemical, military police and other industries. The temperature of the measured object can be displayed in real time and intuitively in the form of thermal images, which can greatly shorten the inspection time and improve the inspection efficiency.

However, the use of thermal imaging cameras is not easy. Non-standard operations not only affect the measurement accuracy, but may also damage the service life of thermal imaging cameras.

So what should be paid attention to when using infrared thermal imaging cameras during daily inspections?

infrared thermal imaging camera

01 Temperature measurement range

The temperature measurement range refers to the temperature range that the infrared thermal imager can receive and measure. The larger the temperature measurement range, the lower the temperature measurement accuracy, and the smaller the measurement range, the greater the accuracy. Therefore, when measuring the temperature of the measured object, it is necessary to select the corresponding temperature measurement range.

When we choose an infrared camera, we can choose an infrared camera with an optional temperature measurement area. This can not only adapt to various temperature environments, but also ensure accurate temperature measurement.


02 Focal length

If the minimum threshold of the thermal imager's focus is less than the minimum focus distance, it will not be able to focus correctly, resulting in a blurred picture. After the image is stored, we cannot change the focal length, nor can we eliminate other heat reflections, so we need to adjust the focal length before shooting to reduce the influence of the background temperature around the measured object.

03 Strong light source direct

During the use of the infrared thermal imaging camera, the lens cannot be aimed at strong light sources such as the sun and electric welding to measure the temperature. Strong light sources will directly damage the infrared chip, resulting in irreparable damage to the infrared thermal imaging camera.

04 Explosion-proof characteristics

In oil refineries, refineries, natural gas power plants and other places prone to explosion hazards, in terms of use safety, the explosion-proof mark has become an important symbol for the application of inspection instruments.

05 Regular maintenance and maintenance

After any equipment is used for a period of time, there must be wear and tear problems, so regular maintenance and maintenance are very necessary. For example, the temperature measurement data is inaccurate, which may be due to the need to re-calibrate. Therefore, when a problem is found, it needs to be returned to the factory for repair in time to avoid larger problems affecting use.

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