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Help Intelligent Monitoring, Infrared Thermal Imaging Futures Can be Expected

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The prospect of industry development infrared thermal image instrument has high military application value and civilian value. In recent years, the international infrared thermal portrait industry has ushered in a period of rapid development, and in the long run, the potential market demand in the field of civilian monitoring is great. Infrared thermal image instruments are widely used in civil fields such as fire protection, electricity, construction, security, etc. The application of infrared thermal portraits in these industries is still in its infancy, and the development space is still relatively large.

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In the forest fire prevention application, the automatic recognition algorithm on the front -end thermal imaging network camera platform can realize the intelligent video surveillance, automatic recognition and alarm linkage of the fire. Since the infrared thermal imaging camera is a device that reflects the surface temperature of the object. Therefore In addition to the on -site monitoring and use at night, it can also be used as an effective fire alarm equipment. For example, in a large area of forests, fires are often caused by unknown hidden fires, which is the root cause of devastating fire. With the existing ordinary surveillance system, it is difficult to find this hidden fire sign. Using aircraft patrol or long -distance thermal imaging gimbal camera can quickly and effectively discover these hidden fires, and can accurately determine the location and range of the fire, you can find the fire point through the smoke, destroy the fire at the bud stage, at the first stage. Time issues alert, so that the fire protection work is carried out in a timely manner, and the state and the people must be lost to the greatest extent.


In the operation and monitoring of industrial equipment such as power industries, thermal imaging cameras can fully reflect its ability to measure infrared temperature measurement, and can perceive the temperature changes of power equipment such as transformers. Combining analysis software can achieve discrimination and alarm linkage of abnormal temperature changes. Realize system self -protection or active alarm output, timely save losses, and avoid large industrial -grade accidents.

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