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How to use a monocular thermal camera?

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Now is the era of rapid technological development and information update. People are also keeping up with the times, and the application of monocular thermal cameras is becoming more and more widespread. However, the moment you take the monocular thermal imaging camera, are you encountering a problem, that is, how to use the monocular thermal imaging camera? So, let's take a look at how to use a monocular thermal imaging camera.

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l Adjusting the focus.

l Select the correct temperature measurement range and distance.

l Ensure that the instrument is smooth during the measurement.

Adjusting the focus.

You can adjust the image curve after the monocular thermal camerainfrared image is stored, but you can not change the focal length after the image is stored, nor can you eliminate other stray thermal reflections. Ensuring the correctness of operation in the first place will avoid operational errors in the field. Adjust the focus carefully! If too hot or too cold reflections from the background above or around the target affect the accuracy of the target measurement, try to adjust the focal length or measurement orientation to reduce or eliminate the reflection effect.

Select the correct temperature measurement range and distance.

To get the correct temperature reading, be sure to set the correct temperature range for the monocular thermal camera. When observing the target, fine-tuning the temperature span of the instrument will result in the best image quality. This will also affect both the quality of the temperature profile and the accuracy of the temperature measurement. When measuring the target temperature, be sure to know the maximum measurement distance that will give an accurate temperature reading. For uncooled microcalorimetric focal plane detectors to accurately resolve the target, the target image through the thermal imaging camera optics must occupy 9 pixels or more. If the instrument is too far away from the target, the target will be small and the temperature measurement will not correctly reflect the true temperature of the target object, because the temperature measured by the monocular thermal camera at this point averages the temperature of the target object as well as the surrounding environment. To get the most accurate reading, fill the field of view of the instrument as much as possible with the target object. Show enough of the field of view to be able to distinguish the target. The distance from the target should not be less than the minimum focal length of the optical system of the thermal imaging camera, otherwise, it cannot be focused into a clear image.

Ensure that the instrument is smooth during the measurement.

Now all monocular thermal cameras can reach a 60Hz frame rate, so in the process of taking images, due to the movement of the instrument may cause blurring of the image. For best results, the instrument should be as smooth as possible when freezing and recording images. When pressing the store button, you should try to ensure that it is gentle and smooth. Even slight instrument shaking may result in unclear images. It is recommended to use support under your arm to stabilize it, place the instrument on the surface of an object, or use a tripod to keep it as stable as possible.

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