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Information about the thermal camera

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Infrared thermal imaging technology has applications in both military and civilian applications. It originally originated in military use and gradually turned into civilian use. In civilian use, it is generally called thermal camera, which is mainly used in R&D or industrial testing and equipment maintenance. It is also widely used in fire prevention, night vision, and security. In layman's terms, a thermal camera converts invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. The different colors on the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the object being measured. Next, let's learn about thermal cameras. Here are some answers.

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Product introduction.

Structure and composition.

Product introduction.

A thermal camera is a device that uses infrared thermal imaging technology to convert the image of the temperature distribution of the target object into a visible image by detecting the infrared radiation of the target object and applying signal processing, photoelectric conversion, and other means. The thermal camera quantifies the detected heat accurately, and images the whole of the target object in real-time in the form of a surface, so it can accurately identify the suspected fault area that is heating. The operator can preliminarily judge the heating situation and the fault location through the image color displayed on the screen and the hot spot tracking display function, and at the same time analyze it strictly, which reflects the high efficiency and high accuracy in confirming the problem. In recent years, thermal cameras have been continuously expanded to civilian and industrial fields. After decades of continuous development, the thermal camera has evolved from a bulky machine to a portable device for field testing.

Structure and composition.

Thermal cameras are usually composed of optomechanical components, focusing components, internal non-uniformity correction components, imaging circuit components, and infrared detectors. The optomechanical assembly is mainly composed of an infrared objective lens and a structural component. The infrared objective lens mainly realizes the converging imaging of the thermal radiation of the scene, and the structural component is mainly used to support and protect the related components. The focusing component is mainly composed of a servo mechanism and a servo control circuit and realizes the functions of focusing and switching the field of view of the infrared objective lens. The internal correction component is composed of an internal correction mechanism and an internal correction control circuit and is used to realize the internal non-uniformity correction function of the infrared thermal camera. Imaging circuit components are usually composed of a detector interface board, main processing board, refrigerator drive board, power board, etc., which cooperate to realize functions such as power-on control, signal acquisition, signal transmission, signal conversion, and interface communication. The infrared detector mainly converts the infrared radiation transmitted and converged by the infrared objective lens into electrical signals.

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