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Technical information about thermal cameras

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The thermal camera can convert the temperature distribution image of the target object into a video image by detecting the infrared radiation of the object. With thermal cameras, we can see things that our eyes cannot, such as people hiding behind the grass. The research scope of infrared detection technology includes the transmission, reception, and subsequent information processing of infrared radiation. It has penetrated many fields of military and civilian use and has become one of the most important detection technologies today. Next, let's dive into some technical information about thermal cameras. Here are some answers.

thermal imaging cameras

Here is the content list:

  • The state of thermal imaging technology.

  • The development of detector technology.

The state of thermal imaging technology.

The development of infrared thermal imaging technology has gone through three generations. The first-generation thermal cameras all work in long-wave infrared. The long-wave infrared radiation energy of the target at room temperature far exceeds the medium-wave infrared radiation, and there is an atmospheric transmission window at 8-14 μm. In this way, a small number of detection elements and optomechanical scanning technology can meet the application requirements of long-wave infrared imaging. One of the highlights of the second generation of infrared imaging technology is the emergence of area array infrared focal plane detector technology, which expands the working band of thermal imaging technology to medium-wave and short-wave infrared. The third-generation thermal imaging detection technology is developing in the direction of large area array, multi-color detector, and high sensitivity.

The development of detector technology.

Uncooled infrared detectors are mainly developed in the direction of smaller pixel pitch, wafer-level packaging, and ASIC integration. Smaller pixel pitch means that larger area array detectors can be made on the same size chip. Wafer-level packaging can greatly improve economies of scale and production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs. The use of chip integration instead of PCB circuit board-level component integration significantly reduces the size of the imaging module and also reduces the cost of mass production. Infrared detectors are a key component of thermal imaging in thermal cameras. It can be divided into refrigerated and non-refrigerated types. Cooled infrared detectors have many advantages, such as faster response speed, higher sensitivity, longer detection distance, and more stable performance. However, the performance advantage can only be realized in a low-temperature environment. This makes the cooling infrared detectors have a high cost, large volume, and weight, and are mainly used in military and scientific research fields. At present, its development direction is mainly in improving the working temperature, reducing the dark current, miniaturization, multi-wavelength detection, and system integration. Uncooled infrared detectors are small in size, low in cost, and have a long service life, but their accuracy is relatively poor. They are widely used in military and civilian fields that do not require high imaging performance.

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