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The Application Environment of Thermal Imaging Camera

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1. Coal mine fire prevention

The failure of electromechanical equipment such as motors and cables in the mine is the main cause of coal mine accidents. The temperature rise caused by equipment short circuit, sparks, and friction will all lead to the occurrence of mine fires. Explosion-proof thermal imaging cameras can grasp the temperature changes in the well in real time through temperature changes and accurate readings to prevent accidents. Using an explosion-proof thermal imaging camera to regularly detect the temperature of the bearings and rollers of the underground belt conveyor can prevent fire accidents.

Through the analysis of belt conveyor accidents, it can be seen that the friction between the belt and the metal causes fire, the belt jams, the belt slides, and the hydraulic coupling catches fire. Explosion-proof thermal imaging cameras can effectively detect potential safety hazards during belt operation, deal with them at the first time, and play an early warning role in time, thereby reducing or avoiding belt conveyor accidents.

Thermal Imaging Camera

2. Forest fire prevention

In large forests, fires are often started by invisible fires. This is the source of the fire, and with existing common methods, it is difficult to find this hidden fire sign. The application of infrared thermal imagers can quickly and effectively find these hidden fires, and can accurately determine the location and scope of the fire, and find the ignition point through the smoke, so that it can be known, prevented and extinguished early.

3. Industrial application

It can be widely used for monitoring of water pumps, bureau fans, coal units, hydraulic brackets, explosion -proof motors and power equipment (power cables), and investigate the hidden dangers of the joints, switches, wire rows, and transformer accidents of transformers of the substation.

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