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The Working Principle of Argustec Thermal Imaging Camera

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Thermal imaging camera is displayed by infrared rays emitted by an object. Any object with a temperature will emit infrared rays. The thermal image is to receive the infrared rays sent by the object. The color of the surface of the measurement object is displayed by color pictures. The role of warning.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Working Principle

The working principle of thermal imaging camera is hot infrared imaging technology. Its core is the heat imageor. It is a sensor that can detect extremely small temperature differences and transforms temperature differences into real -time video images. But you can only see the hot wheel gallery of people and objects, and the true face of the object cannot be seen.

The thermal images of the same target and visible light image are different. It is not a visible light image that human eyes can see, but the temperature distribution image of the target surface, or in other words, infrared thermal images are the surface temperature distribution of the target cannot directly see the target. The hot images of the temperature distribution of the representative target surface that can be seen by adult eyes can be seen.

Infrared thermal imagers can be divided into two categories: cooled and uncooled. The thermal sensitivity of the cooled type is high and the structure is complex. It is generally used for military purposes. Although the sensitivity of the uncooled type is lower than that of the cooled type, its performance can meet most military applications and almost all civilian fields. Because it does not need to be equipped with a cooled device, the feasibility and cost performance of the uncooled infrared thermal imager are higher than that of the cooled type.

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