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The principle and application of thermal camera

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Using a special electronic device to convert the temperature distribution of the object surface into an image visible to the human eye, and display the temperature distribution of the object surface in different colors, is called infrared thermal imaging technology, and this electronic device is called a thermal camera. Next, let's take a closer look at the principles and applications of thermal cameras. Here are some answers.

thermal imaging cameras

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  • Its principle.

  • Its application.

Its principle.

Modern thermal cameras work by using optoelectronic devices to detect and measure radiation and establish a correlation between radiation and surface temperature. The thermal camera uses an infrared detector and an optical imaging objective lens to receive the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the measured target and reflect it on the photosensitive element of the infrared detector. Thereby, an infrared thermal image corresponding to the thermal distribution field on the surface of the object is obtained. Thermal cameras convert invisible infrared energy emitted by objects into visible thermal images. By observing the overall temperature distribution of the measured target, the heating condition of the target can be studied, to judge the next work.

Its application.

With the maturity of thermal imaging technology and the advent of various low-cost thermal cameras suitable for civilian use, thermal cameras play an increasingly important role in various sectors of the national economy. In industrial production, many types of equipment are often used in high temperature, high pressure, and high-speed operation. thermal cameras detect and monitor this equipment, which can not only ensure the safe operation of the equipment but also find abnormal conditions to eliminate hidden dangers in time. At the same time, the use of thermal cameras can also be used for industrial product quality control and management. According to the magnitude of the radiant energy of the detected object, the infrared imaging technology is processed by the system and converted into a thermal image of the target object, which is displayed in grayscale or false color. In this way, the temperature distribution of the measured object can be obtained to judge the state of the object. Thermal cameras have important applications in many fields such as medical treatment, public security, fire protection, archaeology, transportation, agriculture, and geology. Such as building heat leakage search, forest fire detection, fire source search, marine rescue, ore fracture identification, missile engine inspection, public security reconnaissance, and non-destructive inspection of various materials and products.

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