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Argustec Solution|Integrated monitoring system, making forest fire prevention smarter

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01 Hazards of forest fires

Forest fire is a very destructive disaster. A fire in one day not only destroys the achievements of afforestation and forest protection for many years, seriously damages the ecological environment, causes huge economic losses, but also affects social stability, endangering society, production, and people's lives. Serious damage to property, such as loss of animal and plant resources, decline in water quality of downstream rivers, damage to the atmospheric environment, loss of personnel and property, etc.


02 Challenges faced by forest fire prevention

Integrated monitoring system Limited monitoring range: The terrain and landform of the forest area are complex, the range of patrolling is limited, and the monitoring is difficult.

●Single technical means: In the past, manual ground patrols and watchtower high-point patrols were mainly used for monitoring, which was inefficient.

●Low level of intelligence: Traditional video surveillance has a low level of intelligence, and the fire warning is not timely.

●Poor monitoring timeliness: The single monitoring method has problems such as long monitoring period and insufficient timeliness.

●The location of the fire point is unknown: the fire point cannot be accurately located, and it is difficult to deal with the fire in an early stage.

03 Argustec Integrated monitoring solution for forest fire prevention

Use satellite remote sensing to monitor fire information in real time to realize rapid discovery of open flames, accurate positioning, and rapid response.

UAVs are used to regularly patrol key areas of the forest to expand the scope of monitoring and fill in the blind spots of manual inspections.

With the help of fixed high-point dual-spectrum pan-tilt and turntable monitoring means, carry out all-weather accurate monitoring of key areas in forest areas; use bayonet video monitoring equipment to detect suspicious personnel and vehicles in time.

Equipping forest rangers with infrared individual equipment can effectively improve the ability of manual patrolling and improve the level of fire early warning.


Solution advantage

1. Networked full-coverage monitoring means to avoid monitoring blind spots.

2. All-weather monitoring to improve the timeliness of fire detection.

3. Accurately locate the position of the initial fire, effectively "fire early, fire small".

4. Digital and intelligent Internet of Things empowers smart forestry.

Product System

Front-end perception layer

1. Infrared thermal imaging dual-spectrum video acquisition equipment (Eagle Distance)

2. Checkpoint personnel/vehicle monitoring equipment

3. UAV inspection

4. Forestry Patrol Terminal

5. Satellite remote sensing data service

6. Forest fire monitoring digital platform


core algorithm

1. Smoke recognition algorithm based on deep learning

2. Fire point recognition algorithm

3. Fire point precise positioning algorithm

4. Fire spread trend algorithm

5. Personnel and vehicle recognition algorithm


Application scenario:

Pyrotechnic intelligent identification and alarm, fire monitoring and positioning, fire spread deduction, fast and accurate fire source positioning, comprehensive analysis of video surveillance data, fire loss assessment, fire extinguishing command, unmanned aerial vehicle inspection.

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