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Long Range Detection System Accessories Thermal Imaging Camera


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  • integrated with anti-vibration rotomolding box

Key Benefits:

  • All-weather 24 hours work: using multi-mode detection methods: intelligent thermal image, high-definition visible light, laser night vision system, to achieve all-time, all-weather large-range target rapid search and details observation.

  • Highly intelligent: support hotspots, smoke and fire alarms, temperature detection; support area intrusion detection; support vehicle, boat and human detection, classification and identification; support target tracking, screening and filtering; support AR intelligent information fusion linkage.

  • Active defence: support for loud speaker + flashing lights to deter or deny criminals.

  • Pitch:±90°, horizontal 360°continuous rotation, full coverage of 720° three-dimensional space.

  • Horizontal: 0.01°/s to 100°/s; pitch: 0.01°/s to 80°/s, high speed start/stop, focal speed adaptive, accurate target positioning.

  • Self-diagnosis and self-recovery: supports full life management, fault self-test, front-end storage, network disconnection renewal, power failure memory, remote restart/upgrade, significantly improving the use experience and reducing the use cost.

  • Light weight design: weight ≤ 10kg, easy to install and maintain.

  • The whole machine is made of super strong aluminium alloy and quasi-spherical turntable technology, resistant to strong winds, IP67 protection, rainproof and dustproof, which can adapt to various harsh environments.

thermal imaging camera distance

Technical specification:

System form

integrated with anti-vibration rotomolding box;

Screen size

32in, screen supports 1/4/9 separation, resolution ≥1080P;



Graphics card

2080super *2 Memory: 16GB*2 memory

Number of alarm channels

≥32 channels, which can be configured as needed;

Background software

The intelligent defense platform for key areas can realize the visualization function of electronic map or real map of the monitoring area, and the warning defense area can be set by self-learning calibration or manual manual calibration. ;

Storage medium

solid-state hard disk, capacity ≥2T, monitoring data of not less than 1 month;

Video data export


Power status display



gel battery, waterproof uninterruptible power supply, output 12V, 36V, continuous power supply technology ≥8h.


It can be charged through the camp power supply, and the charging mode can be selected;

Quick connection cables

including network cables, power cables, video cables and quick connectors.


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