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Radar Linkage Electro-Optical/Infrared Thermal Analytics Security Camera


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  • AGT-RDS500

Key Benefits

  • All-direction active detection:Supports splicing of 4 area array radars to achieve 360° all-round active detection, and links the PTZ camera to track and image the target, which can support continuous tracking of up to 32 targets from all directions

  • All-weather/all-day protection: 7×24h all-weather real-time protection, using radar and camera composite detection, combining active and passive detection, multi-method complementary advantages, can meet the needs of reconnaissance, surveillance and alert under day and night and all-weather conditions, adapt to rain , snow, fog, haze, sand and other bad weather, to maximize the elimination of false alarms and false alarms

  • Intelligent fusion: Visual fusion of radar target information, tracking and imaging and intelligent identification of moving targets of interest in the defense area, including pedestrians, vehicles, and animals, and filtering out radar false alarms caused by shaking trees or low shrubs

  • Edge intelligent computing: Intelligent computing is implemented on the edge side, resulting in faster network service response and meeting the basic needs of the industry in real-time business, application intelligence, security and privacy protection, etc.

  • Highly intelligent: A.I intelligent video analysis block module is embedded, which supports vehicle and person detection, classification, and identification; supports target tracking, screening and filtering; supports intrusion detection and motion detection; supports AR intelligent information fusion linkage

  • Active defense: integrated design of detection and warning, support tweeter + strobe light, support optional green laser dazzling, in order to warn the intrusion target

  • Safety management: It has the functions of power-on self-check, online status monitoring, and fault feedback to provide data support for preventive maintenance

  • Flexible deployment: The whole machine is light in weight, small in size, easy to install and maintain, and can be equipped with 4G/5G transmission and photovoltaic integrated station, which greatly improves construction time, reduces construction costs, and achieves rapid deployment

  • Wind resistance and anti-shake: The novel quasi-spherical structure design fully draws on and integrates the traditional T-shaped and spherical appearance, and has the advantages of both structural forms, not only strong load capacity, fast rotation speed, better wind resistance and anti-shake performance. OK, the image is clearer

  • Military quality: the whole machine adopts super strong aluminum alloy shell, IP66 protection, rainproof and dustproof, and can adapt to various harsh environments

radar and camera surveillance


Radar Linkage Radar Linkage Electro-Optical/Infra-Red is a wide-area panoramic type of Radar-Camera equipment. The target detection is achieved by radar and camera. The radar actively detects the target entering the defense zone and outputs information such as the distance, azimuth and speed of the target. The PTZ camera shows images, recognizes and tracks the target under the guidance of the radar. The edge smart box system fuses the radar information and image information of the target. Detect, identify, track the target, and judge whether it is the target of interest to decide whether to trigger the alarm.

Technical Specification





1. Target recognition: pedestrians, vehicles

2. Scanning range: 360° omnidirectional coverage

3. Recognition probability: ≥99%

4. False alarm rate: average ≤1/24 hours

5. Recognition mode: radar detection target, linked camera recognition and tracking

6. Recognition distance:

Pedestrian (RCS 0.5㎡)≥500m

Vehicle (RCS 5㎡)≥700m


1. Radar type: send 1, receive 8 FMCW

2. Radar target information: distance, bearing, speed

3. Transmission frequency: 24.00~24.10GHz

4. Transmit power: 30dBm

5. Ranging accuracy: ±0.75m

6. Distance resolution: 1.5m

7. Beam width:

Azimuth plane (-6dB): 360°

Pitch plane (-6dB): 13°

8. Angle measurement accuracy: ±1°

9. Data update rate: 8Hz



1. Working distance: Under the conditions of visibility not less than 10km, air humidity not more than 60%, and normal temperature visibility, the detection of medium-sized vehicles (4.6m × 2.3m) is not less than 7000m, and the recognition is not less than 4000m; for standing persons (1.8m) ×0.5m) detection is not less than 5000m, identification is not less than 2500m

2. Sensor: Back-illuminated starlight CMOS

3. Resolution: 1920×1080

4. Illumination: color 0.01Lux, black and white 0.001Lux

5. Lens focal length: 7mm~300mm 43 times optical zoom, 16 times digital zoom

6. Video encoding: H.265/H.264/MJPEG, support multi-stream

7. Focus Control: Manual/Auto Focus

8. Image processing: support white balance, electronic shutter, backlight compensation, strong light suppression, digital noise reduction, electronic image stabilization, wide dynamic, etc.

9. Through fog: support optical/electronic dual fog through



1. Working distance: under the conditions of visibility not less than 10km, air humidity not more than 60%, and normal temperature visibility, the detection of medium-sized vehicles (4.6m × 2.3m) is not less than 3600m, and the recognition is not less than 1200m; for standing persons (1.8m) ×0.5m) detection is not less than 1800m, identification is not less than 600m; for fire source (2m×2m) detection is not less than 2000m

2. Detector: Uncooled VOx FPA

3. Resolution: 640×512

4. Spectral range: 8μm~14μm

5. NETD: 40mK (@25℃ F1.0)

6. Lens : 50mm, fixed lens, athermalization or motorized focus optional

7. Field of view: 8.8°×7.0°

8. Video encoding: H.265/H.264/MJPEG, support multi-stream

9. Image enhancement: SDE digital image enhancement technology, supports 255-level thermal image enhancement adjustment

10. Pseudo-color : 16 pseudo-color images, hot black/hot white two polarities

11. Image adjustment: AGC automatic gain control, brightness, contrast adjustment

12. Electronic zoom: 1.0×~8.0× continuous zoom (step size 0.1), support global eagle eye display

13. Image correction: support manual correction, background correction, automatic correction

14. Bright Light Protection: Supports sun damage


1. Laser type: new infrared high-definition flood light source, no speckle particles

2. Lighting angle: 3°~65°

3. Irradiation distance: 200 m



Internally integrated tweeter + strobe light, support for alarm sound customization, support for replacement of green laser glare


1. Rotation speed: Horizontal: 0.01°/s~180°/s; Tilt: 0.01°/s~120°/s, support focal length and speed adaptation

2. Rotation angle: horizontal: 360° continuous rotation; pitch: -90°~+90°

3. Structural material: quasi-spherical design, integrated 4-window multi-channel, precision casting high-strength aluminum alloy material

4. Surface spraying: three-proof coating, anti-corrosion

5. Wipers: support intelligent automatic wipers

6. Defrost: Visible light window defrost

7. Preset cruise: 3000 presets, support 16 cruise routes, each can support 256 presets

8. Watch function: preset position/pattern scan/cruise scan/vertical scan/frame scan/panorama scan/apple peel scan/horizontal fan scan line scan

9. 3D control: support 3D frame selection zoom and positioning function

10. Information return: support angle query/real-time return, positioning; support lens field of view return and positioning

11. Zero point correction: support the north zero point remote correction function



1.Fire detection alarm: threshold 255, target size, target number 1-16 can be set, automatically select the most prominent target display, hot spot tracking.

2.Intelligent analysis: support intrusion detection, cross-border detection, entry/exit area detection, motion detection, loitering detection, people gathering, fast movement, target tracking, item leftover, item retrieval; human/vehicle target detection, Face detection; support person and vehicle filtering function;

3.Automatic tracking: support multi-scene tracking, support alarm linkage tracking

4.AR information fusion: maximum support 512

4.Alarm management: support alarm snapshot upload



1. Support illegal access alarm: illegal access times and locking time can be set

2. Support three-level user rights management, including administrators, operators, and ordinary users

3. Security mode: authorized user name and password, support IP whitelist and blacklist, MAC whitelist and blacklist

4. Support user login by mistake


1. Ranging: proportional reticle passive ranging, support optional laser ranging

2. Self-diagnosis: support network disconnection alarm, support IP conflict alarm, support illegal access alarm, support SD card abnormal alarm, video blocking alarm

3. Health management: health index recording function, support working time, working temperature, extreme temperature, etc.; the cumulative time of the zoom lens and the various motors of the gimbal, etc.

4. Support disconnected network supplementary recording

5. Power-off memory: support to restore the position before power-off, preset position status, cruise status, line scan status

6. Remote maintenance: with fault query, self-check, remote restart function; support remote upgrade

7. Configuration file: support configuration file import and export functions

8. Web access: support WEB full-featured configuration, remote online upgrade

Interface Protocol

1. Communication and control: RJ45/dual LC optical fiber cascade

2. Protocol: Support HTTP, DNS, NTP, TCP, UDP, DHCP and other network protocols


1. 1. Power supply range: AC220V±20%

2. Peak power consumption: ≤160W


315mm×300mm×480mm(L x W x H)


Fixed installation/tripod stand-up type, the recommended installation height is 3~5m


1. Working temperature: -40℃~60℃

2. Storage temperature -45~75℃

3. Working humidity: ≤95% RH

4. Protection class: IP66

5. Anti-salt spray: PH value 6.5 ~ 7.2, continuous salt spray test for 96 hours, can still work normally


1. AI performance: 21TOPS

2. Memory: 8GB

3. Number of cores: GPU 384 cores, CPU 6 cores

4. Alarm access: support external RS485 vibration sensor

5. Weight: ≤5kg

6. Size: 347mm×210mm×98mm

7. Protection class: IP65


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