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Thermal camera construction and applications

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The thermal camera uses an infra-red detector and an optical imaging objective to receive a graphic representation of the infra-red radiation energy distribution of the target to be measured, which is reflected on the photosensitive element of the infra-red detector, thus obtaining an infra-red thermal image that corresponds to the heat distribution field on the surface of the object. This thermal image corresponds to the heat distribution field on the surface of the object. Next, let's take a look at the structure and applications of the thermal camera. Here are some answers.

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The structure of the thermal camera.

The thermal camera usually consists of an optical unit, a focusing (zoom) unit, an internal non-uniformity correction unit (hereinafter referred to as the internal correction unit), an imaging circuit unit, and an infrared detector (chiller) unit. The optical assembly consists mainly of the infrared objective lens, which converges the thermal radiation of the scene, and the structural component, which supports and protects the relevant group of components. The focus (zoom) unit consists of a servo mechanism and a servo control circuit, which realizes the focus and field of view switching of the infrared objective lens. The internal calibration component consists of the internal calibration mechanism and the internal calibration control circuit and is used to achieve the internal (non-uniform) calibration of the thermal imaging camera. The imaging circuit assembly usually consists of the detector interface board, the main processing board, the chiller driver board, and the power supply board, which together realize the functions of power-up control, signal acquisition, signal transmission, signal conversion, and interface communication. The infrared detector (chiller) component converts the infrared radiation transmitted by the infrared objective into an electrical signal.

Applications of the thermal camera.

Firstly, thermal camera monitors generators and motors for unbalanced loads, high bearing temperatures, heating of carbon brushes, slip rings, and collector rings, shorted or open windings, blocked cooling lines, overloads, and overheating. Secondly, thermal scope allows maintenance checks to be carried out on electrical equipment. It is also useful for security, roof leak detection, environmental protection, energy-saving, non-destructive testing, forest fire protection, medical inspection, quality control, etc. Thirdly, the thermal scope can monitor sudden changes in the natural environment such as volcanic eruptions and landslides. Fourthly, thermal camera monitors transformers for bushing overheating, overload, loose connectors, poorly blocked cooling tubes, poor contact, unbalanced three-phase loads, etc. Fifthly, thermal scope monitors electrical installations for poor contact, overload, loose connections or overheating, unbalanced loads, etc. The applications of thermal scope are becoming more and more widespread and will play a significant role in the research, medical and electronics industries.

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