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After the epidemic, the development of infrared thermal imaging

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Infrared thermal imaging has played a significant role in the three -year epidemic situation. In the future, infrared thermal imaging can still be brightened in other fields.

infrared thermal imaging

The demand for the smart security market is constantly

Traditional security monitoring mainly adopts visible light camera monitoring and infrared supplemental monitoring, and uses manual monitoring and video recovery to achieve daily monitoring and security maintenance. At the same time It makes the security front -end product line very rich and greatly meets the needs of different customer groups.

However, in practical applications, some special scenarios, such as the protection of automatic identification, automatic recognition of long -distance fire hazards, automatic alarm such as border defense and perimeter, and electricity such as high winds such as strong winds and fogs. Traditional security The monitoring method is a bit difficult. The Long Range thermal imaging monitoring system, the monitoring method combined with infrared camera and visible light camera, video image processing and automatic recognition behavior analysis alarm, can be fully applied at dark nights or under bad weather conditions.

Uncooled Thermal detector technology is constantly mature

With the rapid development of uncooled thermal technology, manufacturing costs and volumes have been greatly reduced compared with the cooled thermal camera, and its performance can basically meet some military use and almost all demand for civilian fields. Due to the development of micro -processing technology, Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Array Technology is compatible with large -scale silicon integrated technologies, which can make infrared detectors have data processing capabilities and truly realize network, miniaturization and high reliability Essence This makes infrared detection and infrared video imaging very promising and market potential, and also expands the application of thermal imaging technology in the field of police and civilian fields.

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