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Infrared HD Thermal Imaging Camera for Body Temperature


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  • AGT-KMS1100

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate temperature measurement from 1m to 4m, the accuracy is better than ±0.3℃, and the temperature drift is automatically corrected;

  • Non-contact temperature measurement, multiple people can measure temperature at the same time, allowing a pass rate of 300 people/min;

  • High-quality infrared detector, advanced temperature measurement algorithm, industrial-grade quality, strong environmental adaptability;

  • Automatic tracking of face temperature measurement, over-temperature alarm, support for mask detection and people counting;

  • HDMI interface, plug and play, fast deployment, easy maintenance;

  • With an alarm output interface, it can be linked to alarm equipment;



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Technical Specification:



Thermal Camera

1. Detector: fifth generation uncooled FPA VOx detector

2. Pixel: 160×120

3. Wavelength: 8~14μm

4. Focal length: 1.9mm

5. NETD: 50mK (@25℃ F1.0)

6. Field of view: 57°×44° (f1.9mm, no thermal lens)

7. Image enhancement: excellent image fusion algorithm with 18 fusion modes

8. Pseudo-color polarity: 18 kinds of pseudo-color images, hot black/hot white two polarities

Temperature Measurement


1. Temperature measurement range: 28℃~45℃

2. Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.3°C (33°C~40°C); ±1°C for other temperature ranges

3. Accurate temperature measurement distance: 1m ~ 4m

4. Number of people to measure temperature: support 10 to 12 people to measure temperature at the same time

Visible Light Camera

1. Sensor type: 1/2.7inch star-level CMOS, integrated ICR dual filter day and night switching

2. Pixel: 1920×1080

3. Focal length: 3.6mm

4. Minimum Illumination: Color: 0.01Lux @ Black and White: 0.001Lux @ IR 0Lux

5. Face capture: support for multiple people walking at a constant speed (0.8m/s) face capture function, can detect and capture 20 to 30 faces at the same time (per frame).

Electrical Interface

1. Alarm output: 1 channel, which can be linked with the access control system

2. Speaker: Play voice alarm

3. HDMI: 1 channel

4. USB: 1 channel (connect the mouse for interface operation)

5. SD card slot: 1 (built-in 32GB memory card, which can store 200,000 snapshots)

6. RJ45: 1 channel

Power Consumption

1. Supply voltage: DC12V±15%

2. Power consumption: ≤4W


1. Power adapter: 1

2. HDMI cable: 1

3. Mouse: 1

Environmental Situation

1. Working temperature: 10℃~45℃

2. Working humidity: relative humidity ≤85%

Volume and Weight

1. Weight: 440g

2. Dimensions: 90mm×47mm×130mm (length×width×height)

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