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IP TOP Thermal Imaging Camera for Border Surveillance


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  • AGT-Z50II-TVC6516-2186

Key Benefits:

  • Wider Detection spectrum: integration of high-definition visible light, medium-wave/long-wave thermal imaging/near infrared laser, complementary advantages of dual sensors detection, combination of active and passive detection, multi-source data aggregation and fusion processing, so that no hidden target, to satisfy the monitoring needs of day, night and all-weather types of environment.

  • Faster invert speed adjustment: the rotation speed can reach 80°/s, the acceleration can reach 100°/s2, faster start-stop speed, smooth operation, which helps to quick capture and track moving targets.

  • Wider coverage: Pan rotation range of 0° - 360° and Tilt rotation range of - 90° ~ + 90° to achieve dead angle detection and full dimension coverage.

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  • Combines visible camera, thermal imaging camera (cooled/uncooled), or/and NIR Laser Illumination, multi sensor modules together that suit for long distance monitoring in total darkness and foggy/rainy environment.

  • Optional system enhancement like Laser range-finders, GPS, electronic compass, auto-tracking system, AI-analysis module etc... so as to achieve the functions like all-day full dimension monitoring, positioning, tracking, identification etc...


  • Seaport and airport monitoring

  • Border and coastal defense

Technical specification:




Vehicle: 13km,Human:4.8km


Vehicle:3.4km,Human: 1.3Km

Thermal sensor

Uncooled Vox sensor, 384*288 OR 640*512 resolution for option

Thermal lens

31~155mm, 5X continuous zoom, auto focus



Image process

1.Image enhancement: SDE        2.Color: White hot/Black hot

3.Brightness and contrast:       4.AGC, adjustable

5.Digital zoom: 2X/4X            5.Cross: Display   6.Correction: Shutter/Background

Visible camera sensor

1/1.8'' CMOS, 0.0002lux super high sensitive color to B/W CCD

2 mega pixels,1920X1080

Automatic ICR switch


32Kbps~16Mbps,60Hz30 FPS

Visible camera lens

11~800mm, 72X zoom, auto focus

PTZ structure

1.Wind resistance: spherical, multi-dimensional free-form surface shape, small wind resistance, strong anti-shake, anti-33m/s strong wind

2. Split: upper and lower split design, can be packaged and transported, combined quickly  


Pan: 0~360°, Tilt: +90°~-90°


1..Pan speed: 0.01°~80°/s  2. Tilt speed: 0.01°~60°/s  

3. Acceleration: 100°/s2 Pan, 100°/s2 Tilt  

4. Drive mode: direct drive with high torque rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, high speed start and stop, smooth and smooth tracking with rad

PT position

1. Positioning accuracy: up to 0.02°, high-frequency fine-tuning pulse precision motor drive, digital angle measurement sensor servo  

2. Positioning time: less than 4s

Patrol and Scan

1. Preset: no less than 255  

2. Path scanning: support preset point cruise, day and night cruise, line sweep, apple skin scan,

3. Watch function: support watch preset point \ line sweep \ cruise \ apple skin


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