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HD Outdoor Thermal Imaging Camera for Oilfieleafety


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  • AGT-EP-HTRC6200-30

Key Benefits:

  • Long range 24-hours monitoring.

  • Delicate and smooth images.

  • Convenient for installation and application.

  • 360 degree of Omni-directional Pan-Tilt

  • Super-strong aluminum alloy with IP68

  • Higher sensitivity

  • Effective in all environments



  • VOx uncooled detector, 640*512 (384*288);

  • NETD is less than 50mk (@25℃F1.0);

  • SDE digital image processing, AGC, 2X digital amplification;

  • 16 pseudo color and B/W, B/W inverse;


Mainly used in oil, natural gas, coal mining, smelting, transportation and other industries, as well as chemical, dust and other inflammable and explosive environment, to meet the customer inflammable and explosive environment under the safe use of equipment.

Technical specification:

Model number

AGT-EP-HTRC 6200-30

Detection distance

2520m for cars and 1000m for people

Fire Source, 1200m (@2 × 2m)



720m for cars and 300m for people


5th generation uncooled focal plane array VOX detector


640 × 512

Spectral range

7.5 ~ 14 μm


50 Mk (@25 °C F1.0)

Focal length of lens

30 mm

Field of view


Image Processing

1. Image Enhancement: SDE Digital Image Enhancement Technology to enhance image details

2. Pseudo-color polarity: 16 pseudo-color images, hot black/hot white polarity

3. Image parameters: AGC automatic gain control, brightness, contrast

4. Electronic 2 × , 4 × , support global synchronous display

5. NUC correction: automatic/manual correction, background correction

Visible light imaging device

1. Target: 1/1.8”star-level CMOS integrated ICR dual-filter day and night switching

2. Resolution: 2 megapixels, 1920 × 1080

3. Illuminance: color: 0.005 Lux; black and white: 0.001 Lux

4. Coding: H. 265/H. 264 video format, support for multi-stream

5. Video coding rate: 32 KBPS ~ 16 Mbps, 60 HZ30 fps

6. Support SD card local storage, support mobile detection, occlusion alarm, cross-border detection, area intrusion detection

7. Support for white balance, electronic shutter, strong light suppression, 3D digital noise reduction, wide dynamic, infrared overexposure

Visible-light imaging lens

1. Focal length: 6.1 mm ~ 317 mm, 2 million high definition electric zoom

2. FOCUS: Manual/Automatic Focus, 3A adaptive active focus algorithm, support multiple trigger modes, accurate and high speed

3. Aperture: Auto

4. Day-night pass light: 0.4-0.75 um visible broad spectral window and 0.8-0.95 um near-infrared laser narrow spectral window

5. Preset position: precision potentiometer, variable focus feedback

Laser light source

1. Power: 4W

2. Wavelength: 810nm military-grade infrared laser

3. Illumination Angle: 2.0 ° ~ 70.0 ° , DSS digital step illumination Angle Control Technology

4. Homogenization: the patented technology of superhomogenization for the high-definition lens group of GHT-II, the brightness uniformity of the full-focus spot is more than 92%

5. Laser safety: ZQB laser beam processing patent technology, in line with the international IEC 60825 safety standards

Thermometric function

1. Temperature range:-20 °C ~ + 120 °c,-20 °C ~ + 550 °C

2. Temperature measurement mode: full-screen temperature information back, point, line, surface, irregular areas, simultaneously detect 16

3. Precision correction: support temperature parameter correction settings, including temperature correction, emissivity, atmospheric transmittance, humidity

4. Over-temperature warning: Sound and light alarm when warning, reserve switch quantity alarm output, manual/automatic linkage fire fighting system and broadcasting system

5. Alarm log: record the temperature data of each object in real time, automatically generate the change trend curve, automatically store the temperature data, image snapshot and video recording when the alarm is triggered, and create and record the relevant log, video real-time storage, playback (with professional software)


1. Material: 304316L stainless steel

2. Structure: double side loading

3. Window Glass: 4mm crystallite infrared high efficiency antireflection HLIN optical glass, transmittance > 98%

4. Protection level: IP68

5. Explosion proof marking: Ex D II C T 6 GB/e x T D a 21 IP68 T 80 °C


Load: 30kg CNC pan set

Range: horizontal 0 ~ 360 ° , pitching-90 ° ~ + 90 °

Rotate Speed: level 0.1 °/s ~ 30 °/s, pitch 0.1 °/s ~ 30 °/s, support lens focal length speed adaptive function

Electrical interface

Network interface: 1-way RJ45,10/100base-t adaptive

Network protocol: support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, RTSP, RTCP, RTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP network protocol; support onvif and GB28181 protocol

Power weight

1. Total power consumption: 70W

2. Total weight: 35kg (including head)

Environmental Indicator

1. Working Temperature:-40 °C ~ + 60 °C

2. Storage Temperature:-45 °C ~ + 70 °C

3. Humidity: ≤95% RH (@+ 25 °C)

4. Temperature Shock: the front window is specially designed to withstand the shock and thermal shock test specified in GB 3836.1-2010

5. Impact Resistance: to withstand the impact test specified in GB/T2423.5-2019

6. Working surface temperature: ≤80 °C

7. Protection level: IP68

8. Explosion proof marking: Ex D II C T 6 GB/e x T D a 21 IP68 T 80 °C

the action distance is closely related to the contrast of the target background, atmospheric transmittance, etc. . Please contact US according to the specific use environment.

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