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Marine Aquaculture Photoelectric Radar Linkage Tracking and Monitoring System

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The area of mariculture farms is wide. Certain large-scale aquaculture farms, tidal flats or marine pastures cover an area of hundreds, tens of thousands of acres, or even hundreds of thousands of acres, and their investment is often tens of millions or hundreds of millions. Moreover, some aquatic products that are farmed are precious seafood, such as sea cucumbers, abalones, large yellow croaker and other aquatic products are of great value. They are the source of income for farmers, because the value of aquatic products farmed is extremely high, and it has the reputation of "underwater bank". This also leads to frequent thefts, and some aquaculture farms are stolen as much as millions or even tens of millions a year.


However, due to the wide distribution of marine aquaculture, the backing of the vast sea is an important issue for farmers to manage. The monitoring distance can be as little as hundreds of kilometers, and the distance can be several kilometers or even more than ten kilometers. In all management, "theft prevention" It is the difficulty in the key point. However, the number of personnel on duty at night is even more limited. With such a large area, ordinary monitoring methods are not very effective, especially at night, which are almost useless. This can easily give thieves an opportunity. They drive speedboats. Taking advantage of the night to enter the breeding area to steal, it is hard to guard against, which makes many breeding farms have a headache for this.


The whole system is composed of radar detection equipment, long range monitoring thermal camera, central monitoring and management system, etc. After the radar detection equipment detects the target, it sends the target location information to the photoelectric acquisition device. Argus long range thermal camera system rotates to the corresponding guidance position. After manually locking the target, it switches to the automatic tracking state, and the photoelectric detection device performs real-time tracking of the target. The central monitoring and management system deploys a photoelectric linkage computer, a radar computer, a network storage, and a server. Radar and photoelectric operation computers are used to display and control radar detection equipment and front-end photoelectric acquisition equipment, servers are used to deploy dedicated platform servers, and network storage is used to store and record videos collected by photoelectric acquisition equipment.


The marine monitoring system software is a comprehensive visual target detection system that integrates user management, video monitoring, target positioning, radar equipment management, photoelectric equipment management. The system combines video technology, intelligent detection technology, network communication technology and software platform technology, and can realize comprehensive identification of large-scale and long-distance targets. It can perform all-weather, multi-means automatic monitoring of the target situation in the system arming area, real-time reporting and accurate positioning and tracking of suspected targets, and can realize the function of replaying the historical trajectory of the target. It can meet the needs of target tracking and identification in a variety of application scenarios.

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