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Night vision camera technology classification application and prospect

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A night vision camera is a shooting beautification camera that simulates the effect of a live night vision viewfinder. Note that the quality of the effect is just a simulation and depends on the quality of the camera. True night vision is not possible due to the infrared filter installed on the camera lens of the phone. So what are the classification applications and prospects of night vision camera technology? Let's see.

 Night Vision Camera

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Technology classification application

Application prospect analysis

Technology classification application

1. Active infrared night vision

Night vision camera technology is a night vision technology that implements observation by actively illuminating and using the infrared light reflected by the target to reflect the infrared source. At present, the widely used infrared light sources include LED infrared lamps, halogen infrared lamps, etc. These light sources are suitable for medium and short-range monitoring. The newly emerging near-infrared laser light source has high power, good linearity, and long irradiation distance, which is suitable for long-distance monitoring. The infrared laser light source in the near-infrared band is used to supplement the night vision of the video acquisition system, and with the camera lens, it can achieve a clear monitoring effect within 1000m at night.

2. Passive infrared night vision

Substances with different temperatures will radiate different amounts of infrared rays in any period. Using infrared detectors to observe the target scene, due to the temperature difference between the target object and the environment, the infrared detection images will show the effect of different contour levels. The image is enlarged and enhanced to achieve an image that is visible to the naked eye. A camera made using this principle is an infrared thermal imaging camera. The characteristics of night vision camera are mainly useful for long-distance (up to 1500m), strong concealment, strong penetrating ability, not affected by bad weather, anti-glare interference, low power consumption, long life, can monitor road conditions under the conditions of thick smoke and fog where ordinary cameras cannot function, 24/7 event detection is also available for monitoring points. At the same time, infrared thermal imaging cameras also have obvious technical deficiencies and application limitations. Due to the insufficient three-dimensional effect of infrared imaging, the image details are seriously lost, and it is impossible to distinguish faces and license plates as in visible light, and only the outline size of the vehicle can be seen clearly. At the same time, infrared thermal imaging equipment has been converted from military use to civilian use. At present, its cost remains high, which is more than 5 times the price of ordinary cameras, which limits its application range.

Application prospect analysis

At present, a night vision camera is seldom used in traffic monitoring systems. With the increasing demand of managers for night monitoring, the application of night vision cameras will become more and more. It can significantly improve the monitoring effect at night and effectively improve the monitoring efficiency has become the development trend of road traffic monitoring. The application of night vision cameras in the highway monitoring industry extends the monitoring time to 24 hours a day. Laser night vision cameras have clear night vision effects and high-cost performance. They will inevitably become mainstream night vision monitoring products in the future road traffic monitoring application field and be widely promoted and applied. Compared with several night vision technologies, night vision camera has the best night vision effect, but their current high price determines that it can only be installed and used in key road sections. With the advancement of technology, the cost of infrared thermal imaging cameras will gradually decrease, and its application prospects will become better and better.

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