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DF3000 Key Area Video Security Software


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  • DF3000

Key Benefits:

  • Unattended: support area monitoring mode of fan scan, line scan and preset cruise scan; support day and night all-time, all-weather automatic monitoring of specific targets; support for specific types of target identification, video evidence collection and alarm reporting functions;

  • Multi-level management and control: support central cluster deployment and use in multiple places; support regional multi-level joint prevention and control and multi-level alarm reporting; support coordination, exclusive, preemption and other policy scheduling of optoelectronic devices at all levels

  • Intelligent inspection: supports the task of regular inspection of key locations in a 360° area; supports the function of enabling intelligent detection for any key location, and can alert specific targets intruded and identified in key areas; supports different scenarios in day and night. detection mechanism;

  • Artificial intelligence algorithm: support visible light, thermal imaging video to identify people, vehicles, animals, drones and other targets; support the function of target intrusion detection in the area, photoelectric follow-up target tracking; support the algorithm of intrusion and tracking targets identification function;

  • Accurate target positioning: Support to quickly and accurately lock the GPS coordinates of the target in the video screen with the help of DEM elevation data information;

  • Radar linkage: support the access of mainstream radar signals on the market, and guide the optoelectronics through the target signal detected by the radar;

    camera with infrared night vision

Technical specification:


DF3000 Key Area Video Security Software

Applicable equipment

Platform cameras,PTZ cameras,DMS series cameras, normal security cameras



More than 1000 devices are connected

More than 200 devices alarm simultaneously

More than 100 users are online at the same time

Zone Monitoring

1. Alarm detection: support fixed-point monitoring and cruise monitoring, single-device moving target alarm, intrusion alarm, target recognition alarm in no less than 500 areas; support alarm event filing, alarm grading; support alarm notification, sound and light alarm, alarm bomb window; support SMS alarm

2. Alarm linkage: supports alarm linkage recording, and the duration of linkage recording can be set; supports alarm linkage snapshot, which can be linked to capture one image or multiple images continuously.

3. Target tracking: support area watch intrusion tracking, preset cruise intrusion tracking, frame selection tracking, identification tracking; support hardware tracking control of photoelectronic equipment, back-end software algorithm scheduling tracking; support temporary tracking of alarm targets, automatic tracking during the tracking process Adjust the focal length, schedule the algorithm for target recognition, and adjust the tracking state according to the recognition result

4. Radar linkage: support radar target data access, real-time update of target location information on the map; support manual selection of target to guide photoelectric tracking; support automatic guidance of photoelectric observation to target targets found by radar in the defense zone, and automatically perform target recognition and event recording

5. Algorithm review: support algorithm to review the correctness of the alarm, correct the level of the alarm; support the use of target recognition algorithm to automatically review the alarm; support to use the trajectory tracking algorithm to automatically review the alarm

6. Manual review: support manual review of regional information, repetitive correction of review results, and alarm cause calibration; support for rapid alarm handling and reporting functions

7. False alarm area shielding: Supports the use of false alarm areas to shield some false alarm areas, and can draw false alarm areas based on photoelectric real-time video; supports the function of rapidly increasing false alarm areas based on alarm recordings and alarm pictures; supports conventional mode false alarm areas, time Segment mode false alarm area, date mode false alarm area; support thermal imaging dedicated false alarm area, visible light dedicated false alarm area

8. Historical alarms: support list query of historical alarms, map distribution query, alarm video playback, alarm image review, detailed review of alarm event handling procedures; support historical alarm export and import, and archive download of alarm event information



1. Video preview: support single device connection, batch connection, drag connection; support single device disconnection, all disconnection; support automatic reconnection after abnormal video disconnection; support 1/3/4/6/9/16/ 25-screen preview; support multi-screen position exchange display; support TV mode display; support quick operation of video window function buttons and right-click menu operation; support video manual recording, manual snapshot, timing task recording

2. PTZ control: support eight-direction PTZ control; support zoom, focus, aperture lens control; support horizontal angle positioning, pitch angle positioning, field of view angle positioning; support 3D click positioning, frame selection, zoom in and out of photoelectric devices Positioning; support mouse gesture control PTZ; support equipment coordinated scheduling, exclusive control, preemption control

3. Preset & cruise: support hardware preset, software preset, preset watch; support fan scan, line scan, hardware preset cruise, software preset cruise detection; support day and night mode inspection, Scheduled task inspection

4. Remote configuration: Support remote power on/off, restart, cooling thermal image on/off, image stabilization adjustment, and camera parameter remote setting of photoelectric equipment; support remote setting of thermal image alarm threshold

5. Information overlay: support real-time orientation information, lens field of view information, bandwidth flow information, ranging information, preset name names in the video; support overlay display algorithm identification of people, vehicles, animals and other target information; support alarm recording, alarm capture The azimuth information, pitch information, latitude and longitude information of the target is superimposed on the map; it supports the fusion of AR tag intelligent information

6. Status monitoring: support real-time monitoring of the connection status and fault status of photoelectronic equipment; support monitoring of horizontal azimuth, pitch azimuth and field of view angle

7. Video playback: support local video playback, alarm video playback, disk array video playback, NVR, IPC device video playback; support fast-forward, slow-play, single-frame playback operations; support video summary playback

8. Support user view display one by one

9. Support multi-monitor way video preview N*(1/3/4/9/16/25)  


1. Target recognition: support visible light, thermal imaging video to detect people, cars, animals, drones (optional) and other targets; support to enhance the accuracy of alarms through the recognition of people, vehicles and objects

2. Trajectory tracking: supports trajectory analysis of moving targets, and displays the trajectory route in combination with video; supports the use of trajectory analysis to enhance the accuracy of alarms

3. Video summary (optional): support the video summary extraction of alarm recording; support the recording of target summary information such as people, vehicles, animals, and drones (optional)

4. Panoramic stitching: supports visible light panoramic stitching and thermal imaging panoramic stitching; supports seamless panorama stitching of horizontal 360° and pitch ≥50°; supports panorama upload and download functions; supports panorama mode monitoring display; supports panorama Mark the current field of view, preset position, and alarm position in the middle; support to click the linkage photoelectricity through the panoramic position

5. Regional intrusion alarm: support intrusion alarm, cross-border alarm; support intrusion detection personnel, vehicle screening and filtering functions

6. Supports the intelligent alarm function of connected photoelectronic devices

Digital Map

1. 2D map: Support offline high-definition 2D maps; support switching between electronic maps, Google satellite maps, sky maps, and vector graphics; support map distance measurement, area measurement, and drawing of point, line, and surface layers; support map dragging and zooming , zoom out operation; support scale, eagle eye view; support offline map dragging range limitation; support administrative boundary highlighting; support map display in different background color modes

2. 3D map (optional): Supports 3D rendering of satellite maps; supports transition switching of local 3D maps in 2D maps; supports 3D projection effect display under functions such as distance measurement, area measurement, and point-line-surface drawing

3. Situation distribution: support comprehensive situation distribution display based on 2D/3D map (optional) such as photoelectronic equipment, defense area, custom layer area, alarm information, etc.; support photoelectronic equipment video pop-up window observation and cloud mirror function scheduling; support map Anti-control photoelectric equipment

4. Support the elevation positioning technology of the target, the actual positioning accuracy is less than or equal to 50m

5. Supports heat map showing target distribution based on 2D/3D map (optional)

6. Frame selection search: support map frame selection search function; support classification and filtering of search results, positioning and photoelectric guided viewing

External Devices

1. Support gyro stabilization

2. Support compass and  range finder

3. Support the access of various sensor data such as perimeter and electronic fence

4. Support the access of network broadcasting equipment

5. The center terminal supports access to SMS cat, sound and light alarm, and SMS platform

Interface Protocol

1. Access protocol: RTSP, GB28181 (optional), ONVIF video protocol access; support Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview and other mainstream manufacturers equipment protocol access; support Huawei video platform access

2. Secondary development: Support SDK secondary development; support Restful API platform docking; support to provide video streams in formats such as RTSP, GB28181 (optional), WebRTC (optional)

3. Support the access of the radar protocol

4. Support docking support for operating systems

※ The system application is related to the protocol and functional characteristics of the camera equipment, the system performance and the hardware resources of the operating environment, please contact us according to the actual situation.


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