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Detection HD LWIR Uncooled Thermal Imaging Core


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  • ATC612IP

Key Benefits:

AGT-ATC series thermal imaging movement, based on the latest sixth generation uncooled high-definition infrared technology, adopts high sensitivity and ultra-fine resolution uncooled focal plane imaging detector, adapts to various specifications of infrared lens, has advanced digital circuit and image processing algorithm, and the image is fine and smooth. The product is embedded with A.I intelligent video analysis block module and adopts advanced intelligent image processing algorithm, which can well distinguish the behavior of monitored objects in different environments; The built-in advanced intelligent tracking engine can continuously track moving or stationary objects, and automatically adapt to various complex detection environments. The whole machine adopts network output and DC12V power supply, which brings great convenience to users' practical application.



  • The detection sensitivity (NETD) can reach 50mk, which is higher than that of conventional products, obtains more delicate picture quality, and is less affected by fog, rain and snow weather;

  •  The sixth-generation ultra-fine miniaturization detection technology reduces the volume and cost of the whole machine on the basis of ensuring the same operating distance, and the volume and weight are reduced to 1 / 2 of the previous generation;

  • Excellent non-uniform image correction technology, with good image uniformity and dynamic range;

  • SDE image detail enhancement technology, smooth image without noise, a variety of pseudo color and hot black and hot white polar image formats are optional, with strong adaptability, and it is easy to find low contrast hidden targets;

  • Highly intelligent: support hot spot alarm and temperature detection; Support regional intrusion detection; Support the classification and identification of vehicles / ships / people / animals / UAVs; Ar intelligent information fusion and docking with PTZ can realize target tracking;

  • Self-diagnosis and self-recovery: support life-cycle management and health index recording functions, support working hours, shutter times, working temperature, limit temperature, etc., support remote restart / upgrade, greatly improve the use experience and reduce the use cost.

Technical specification:




1. The fifth-generation uncooled focal plane array vox detector

2. NETD:≤50mK(@25℃ F1.0)

3. Wavelength: 8 ~ 14 μ m

4. Image enhancement: SDE digital image enhancement technology improves image details and supports 255 level thermal image enhancement adjustment

5. Pseudo color polarity: 16 kinds of pseudo color images, hot black / hot white polarity

6. Image parameters: AGC automatic gain control, brightness and contrast

7. Electronic magnification: 1.0 ~ 8.0 × Continuous zoom (step size 0.1), support global eagle eye diagram

8. Ranging ruler: it supports ranging ruler

9. Bad point correction: support the function of bad point correction

10. Image correction: support manual correction, background correction, automatic correction, time interval, gamma correction and adjustable parameters

11. Strong light protection: support anti sunlight damage

12. Nonuniformity correction: automatic / manual

13. Temperature measurement function: it supports the measurement of the highest temperature and lowest temperature of the full picture of thermal image and cross identification

16. Sensor:640×512

17. Pixel:12μm


1. Thermal image resolution: 1920 × 1080; one thousand two hundred and eighty × 1024; one thousand two hundred and eighty × 960; one thousand and twenty-four × 768; one thousand two hundred and eighty × 720; seven hundred and four × 576; six hundred and forty × 512; six hundred and forty × 480; four hundred × 300; three hundred and eighty-four × 288; three hundred and fifty-two × 288; three hundred and fifty-two × two hundred and forty

2. Video coding: h.265/h.264/mjpeg, supporting multiple code streams

3. Video bit rate: 32kbps ~ 16mbps

4. Audio coding: g.711a/g.711u/g726

5. Image flip: left / right / up / down / diagonal

6. OSD setting: support OSD display setting of channel name, time, PTZ azimuth, field angle and focal length, and preset bit name setting

Smart Functions

1. Fire point detection and alarm: the threshold is 255, the target size and the number of targets are 1-16, which can be set. The most prominent target is automatically selected for display and hot spot tracking

2. Intelligent analysis: support intrusion detection, cross-border detection, entry / exit area detection, movement detection, wandering detection, personnel gathering, rapid movement, target tracking, item leaving and item taking; Human / vehicle target detection; And supports 16 regional settings; Support intrusion detection, human and vehicle filtering function; Support target temperature filtering function

3. ROI (region of interest coding): support, up to 8 ROI regions can be set, and the image quality can be adjusted

4. Privacy occlusion: mosaic privacy occlusion and solid color privacy occlusion are supported. 16 preset bits plus 1 default scene can be set, and up to 8 occlusion areas can be set under each preset bit

5. Alarm management: supports alarm capture and upload

6. Docking with PTZ can realize tracking functions, including single scene tracking / multi scene tracking / panoramic tracking / alarm linkage tracking; And 512 ar intelligent information fusion; Fire point, intelligent analysis video identification information fusion, azimuth angle, field angle, focal length and multiple information fusion


1. Camera diagnosis function: support network disconnection alarm, IP conflict alarm, illegal access alarm (illegal access times and locking time can be set), video occlusion alarm, anti sunlight damage (support threshold and occlusion time can be set)

2.  Life cycle management: health index recording function, supporting working time, shutter times, working temperature, limit temperature, etc

3. Support continuous transmission after disconnection

4. Remote maintenance: it has the functions of fault inquiry, self-inspection and remote restart; Online upgrade, remote upgrade

5. Configuration file: supports the import and export of configuration files

6. Web access: support web full function configuration and remote online upgrade


1. Number of times of illegal access: set the number of times of illegal access

2. It supports three-level user authority management, including administrators, operators and ordinary users

3. Security mode: authorized user name and password, supporting IP whitelist and blacklist, MAC whitelist and blacklist

4. four   User login locking by mistake


1. Communication and control: one RJ45 Ethernet port; 1 alarm input and 1 alarm output; 1 channel audio input, 1 channel RS485 / RS422 / RS232 interface / TTL serial port (support pelcod protocol and common thermal imaging module control protocol)

2. Protocol: support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, RTSP, RTCP, RTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP network protocols; Support onvif and gb28181 protocols

3. tDevelopment interface: support secondary development of hp-sdk


1. Working voltage: DC12V, equipped with AC220V or battery powered adapter

2. Rated power consumption: ≤ 4W

3. Peak power consumption: ≤ 10W


1. Temperature:-25℃~60℃


1. Weight:≤155g

2. Size:59×50mm×60.85mm(LxWxH)

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