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Professional PTZ Thermal Imaging Camera for intelligent traffic


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  • AGT-Z50IV-CTVC690110-21100-LRF15K

Key Benefits:

  • Wider Detection spectrum: integration of high-definition visible light, medium-wave/long-wave thermal imaging/near infrared laser, complementary advantages of dual sensors detection, combination of active and passive detection, multi-source data aggregation and fusion processing, so that no hidden target, to satisfy the monitoring needs of day, night and all-weather types of environment.

  • Faster invert speed adjustment: the rotation speed can reach 80°/s, the acceleration can reach 100°/s2, faster start-stop speed, smooth operation, which helps to quick capture and track moving targets.

  • Wider coverage: Pan rotation range of 0° - 360° and Tilt rotation range of - 90° ~ + 90° to achieve dead angle detection and full dimension coverage.



  • Combines visible camera, thermal imaging camera (cooled/uncooled), or/and NIR Laser Illumination, multi sensor modules together that suit for long distance monitoring in total darkness and foggy/rainy environment.

  • Optional system enhancement like Laser range-finders, GPS, electronic compass, auto-tracking system, AI-analysis module etc... so as to achieve the functions like all-day full dimension monitoring, positioning, tracking, identification etc...

Technical Specification:



Detection Distance


Human 18km

Recognition Distance


Human 9km

Thermal Camera

1. Detector: cooled focal plane array MCT detector

2. Wavelength: 3.7 μm ~ 4.8 μm

3. NETD: 20mK

4. 90 ~ 1100mm, 12x continuous optical zoom, F5.5

5. Lens control: Electric Zoom; Manual/auto focus, 3A adaptive active focus algorithm, support multiple trigger modes, accurate and high speed; 3CAM mode and AS + DOE optical structure, high infrared transmittance, the zoom process has no virtual focus and the axis is small

6. Image Enhancement: SDE Digital Image Enhancement Technology, enhance image details, support 255 level thermal image enhancement adjustment

7. Pseudo-color polarity: 16 pseudo-color images, hot black/hot white polarity

8. Image parameters: AGC automatic gain control, brightness, contrast adjustment

9. Electron doubling: 1.0 ~ 8.0 × continuous doubling (step length 0.1) , supporting optical electron relay doubling, supporting global hawk-eye diagram

10. Rangefinder: supports rangefinder

11. Bad Correction: support for bad correction

12. Image Correction: support manual correction, background correction, automatic correction time interval, Gamma correction parameters adjustable

13. Bright Light Protection: supports protection against Sun Damage

14. Detector Array: 640 × 512

15. Field of view: 6.1°×4.9°~0.5°×0.4°

Visible Camera

1. Sensor type: backlit ultra-low illumination star-level CMOS

2. Minimum illuminance: Color: 0.0005 lux; black and white: 0.0001 lux; 0 Lux (IRON)

3. Lens: 12~1100mm, Mega HD electric zoom; Manual/auto focus, 3A adaptive active focus algorithm, support multiple trigger modes, accurate and high speed

4. Image Processing: support for white balance, electronic shutter, frame accumulation, backlight compensation, strong light suppression, 2D/3D digital noise reduction, electronic anti-shake, wide dynamic, heat wave drift suppression

5. Day-night type pass light: 0.4-0.75 um visible broad spectral window and 0.8-0.95 um near infrared spectral window

Support electronic transmission fog, optical transmission fog

Laser Range Finder

1. Range: 200 to 15000 meters

2. Ranging Accuracy: ± 3m

3. Ranging Frequency: 0.2 Hz

4. Laser wavelength: 1570 nm

Audio and video

1. Resolution: 1920 × 1080; 1280 × 1024; 1280 × 960; 1024 × 768; 1280 × 720; 704 × 576; 640 × 512; 640 × 480; 400 × 300; 384 × 288; 352 × 288; 352 × 240

2. Visible resolution: 2592 × 1520; 2560 × 1440; 1920 × 1080; 1280 × 1024; 1280 × 960; 1024 × 768; 1280 × 720; 704 × 576; 640 × 512; 640 × 480; 400 × 300; 384 × 288; 352 × 240

3. Video Coding: H. 265/h. 264/MJPEG, multi-stream support

4. Video rates: 32 KBPS to 16 Mbps

5. Audio encoding: G. 711A/g. 711U/G726

6. Image rollover: right/left/up/down/diagonal

7. OSD settings: Support Channel name, time, PAN, field of view angle, focal length of the OSD display settings, support preset position name settings

Intelligent function

1. Fire Detection Alarm: Threshold Level 255, target size, target number 1-16 can be set, automatic selection of the most prominent target display, hot tracking

2. Intelligence analysis: support intrusion detection, cross-border detection, entry/exit area detection, motion detection, loitering detection, people gathering, fast moving, target tracking, items left behind, items taken; Human/vehicle target detection, face detection; and support 16 regional settings; support intrusion detection, human, vehicle filtering function; support target temperature filtering function

3. Automatic tracking: single-scene tracking support multi-scene tracking support panoramic tracking support alarm linkage tracking

4. Intelligent Information Fusion: support 512 AR intelligent information fusion, support point of fire, intelligent analysis video identification information fusion, support azimuth angle, field of view, focal length, multiple information fusion

5. Image Fusion: support 18 kinds of dual-light fusion mode, support picture-in-picture function

6. Alarm management: Support Alarm capture upload

Enhanced function

1. Ranging function: support passive ranging; support optional laser ranging

2. Strong light protection: support, protection from Sun Burn function

3. Temperature Correction: non-thermal design, imaging sharpness is not affected by temperature

4. Scene mode: support multi-configuration scene, adapt to different environment applications

5. Auto-focus tuning: support remote auto-focus accuracy parameter adjustment, adapt to different scenarios

6. Day-night cruise: day-night cruise groups with different preset, day cruise 1-40 preset, night cruise 41-80 preset, according to the state of light automatically switch day and night, adapt to different space-time scenarios

7. Lens servo: support lens pre-position, focal length back, focal length positioning function

8. Power-off memory: support to restore the pre-power-off position, pre-position state, cruise state, line scan state

9. Off and on: support

10. Camera diagnosis function: support network alarm, support IP conflict alarm, support illegal access alarm (illegal access number, lock time can be set) , support SD card abnormal alarm (SD space is insufficient, SD card error, no SD card) , video block alarm, anti-sun damage (support threshold, block time can be set)

11. Life Cycle Management: Health Index recording function, support working time, shutter times, working temperature, limit temperature, etc.

12. Remote Maintenance: with fault inquiry, self-examination, remote restart function; online upgrade, remote upgrade

13. Keyframe settings: support keyframe interval 100-level adjustable

14. Configuration File: Support Configuration File Import and export function

15. Web Access: support WEB full function configuration, remote online upgrade

Security control

1. Support illegal access alarm: illegal access number, lock time can be set

2. Support three levels of user rights management, administrators, operators, ordinary users

3. Security mode: authorized user name and password, support IP white list and black list, Mac White list and black list

4. User Login Lock

Servo turntable

1. Structure: spherical, multi-dimensional free-form surface shape, small wind resistance, strong anti-shake, can resist 12 strong wind

2. Two-axis two-frame, up and down split design, can be independent packaging transport, rapid combination

3. Windows: Dual/triple windows, 2/3 band sensors, wiper

4. Level range: N × 360 ° continuous rotation, after power failure can be mechanically locked

5. Pitch range:-90 ° ~ + 90 ° , with soft limit function, program can be set

6. Rotation Speed: level 0.01 ° ~ 80 °/s, pitch 0.01 ° ~ 60 °/s

7. Acceleration: 100 ° S 2 level, 100 ° S 2 pitch

8. Speed adaptation: with intelligent induction speed change function, support lens focal length speed adaptation function

9. Driving mode: adopting high torque rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive, high speed start and stop

10. Positioning accuracy: better than 0.02 °

11. Location Time: less than 4s

12. Zero setting: support for horizontal and pitch zero setting

13. Preset cruise: 3000, supports 16 cruise routes, each can support 256 preset positions

14. Path scan: Support Preset Point Cruise, day and night cruise, line scan, frame scan, apple skin scan, scan speed can be set

15. Over watch: preset position/pattern scan/cruise scan/vertical scan/frame scan/panoramic scan/apple peel scan/horizontal fan scan

16. Motor Protection: turntable block and turn protection, high reliability

17. Gyro image stabilization: optional two-axis gyro stabilization, pitch and roll ≤ ± 10 ° , period greater than 6 seconds, los stabilization accuracy ≤2 mrad (RMS)

Electrical interface

1. Network interface: 1-way RJ45,10/100base-t adaptive

2. Network protocol: support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, RTSP, RTCP, RTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP network protocol; support ONVIF and GB28181 protocol

3. Secondary development: provide free SDK, easy to use or convenient secondary development

4. Physical interface: Alloy Waterproof Aviation Plug

5. Optical network: (optional built-in Fiber Module, single mode fiber output, improve anti-interference)

Power consumption

1. Power: with ultra-wide input power adapter, AC90V ~ 305V to DC48V

2. Power consumption: the maximum power consumption of the turntable is less than 500W and the stable power consumption is less than 150W

Environmental Indicator

1. Working Temperature:-40 °C ~ + 60 °C

2. Storage Temperature:-45 °C ~ + 70 °C

3. Humidity: < 90% Rh

4. Lightning protection: Interface Circuit built-in surge protection, 6000V

5. Salt spray: in PH 6.5 ~ 7.2, continuous spray 96 hours, no change in the surface

6. Protection class: IP66(Ball Chamber air-tight IP67)

Dimension weight

Dimensions: Ф565 mm × H880 mm

Total weight: ≤105 kg

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